Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Roundup.

In case you think this is my 2008 resolution post. Think again. I don't believe in making resolutions because the only resolution I will ever keep is the one about not keeping a resolution.

I'm going to just list out stuff that I have ever thought about doing. Not necessarily that I will do them, it's just stuff that popped up over the years.. so this post will probably not make much sense. I type stuff as they pop out. If you can't understand it.... {That's too bad}

Learn German
Learn Japanese / Portuguese / Spanish / Italian /French
Be a photojournalist
Travel the world taking photos
Sail past the Cape of Good Hope
Write a book
Be in musical theatre (vocal role)
Work for Squaresoft (Now Square Enix)
Compose / Perform music
Be an English teacher to learners in foreign languages (travel the world too!)
Work overseas
Go to all the famous mountains in China
Working holidays in foreign countries
Study Archaeology (Cos I figured you'd have less colleagues to argue with. Just sand)
Study Law (not loh , law! Cos my uncle said I should since I jabber so much)
Study Mass Media (I didn't cos I thought that failing the interview would put me last in the queue for other courses)
Learn make-up artistry
Master Erhu
Master percussion
Learn how to read classical scores
Clean up the warzone I call a room
Travel Singapore like a tourist

Oh wow.. that's quite a bit and I'm sure that's not even scratching the surface lol.

Next up, my immediate goal is to submit photos for Eye the City (submission is 1st of January). I was told that I could register during submission for digital entries. Let's try that.

Also planning to go to Japan in September. I was thinking about taking a basic course in Japanese before I go, but then that means I have less budget for the trip. I also want to pick up German again so that'll be budget out of my german lessons. Hmm. I really want to be able to travel. Be it working in the location, vacations or otherwise. I want mobility!

I hate paperwork.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Its' the end of the year, normally a time when people reflect on what they have done for the year and think about what they will do for the next.

Well, I've bummed around this year again. Nothing much motivates me at work. I work because I have to, not because I love to do it. Then again, it's also because of the contractual issues that had been plaguing me for some time. I had already resigned to not getting a second contract (amidst quite a number of unhappy issues), so although it was a kind of relief to not have to worry about whether I will have a job after next year, it had also led me to think about the job opportunities I should be looking at outside of my current job.

Such comparisons naturally led to thoughts of an exodus. Ok, maybe exodus was too strong a word since I am only referring to myself. Due to the various issues mentioned, it is not an impossible thought, but change is always scary.

Been playing FFXI way too much again. It's kinda an escape clause for me really. It's like an alternate reality that would be nice if it were real, but it isn't and we all know it's gonna disappear someday but we just hold on to it as long as we can.

I don't know if I have broken promises I made this year. If I did, it was not intentional. I've had my share of promises being broken (well, just 1 that I can remember in very recent memory actually, and I was even offering something to benefit others) so I wouldn't really want to do it to other people.

I wanted to participate in the Eye the City event for 2007, but I missed the registration. Well, maybe I will just go around and take some photos.

I've gotten even fatter lol, don't I know it. Too much FF! My character looks way cool and fit but I look way poo and fat.

I've thought about so many things I wanted, but have done almost none. Travels. Courses. Stuff. Well, money was a limiting factor............ time too. Vacation time is not easy to get.

Time to muse things over for the night.

Catch you guys tomorrow.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Explained Maths.

There's someone on one of the forums that I am on that has a very interesting interpretation of the > (more than) and < (less than) signs in maths.

I think everyone else knows that > means more than and <> $20" which I would presume any normal person would assume to be more than $20. However, this person actually meant less than $20.

After quite a few posts, with multiple people explaining to the numbskull that > $20 means more than $20, he was still insisting that he was right and that we were confusing him. Evn when people posted mathematical explanations, he agreed with the mathematical explanation and proceeded to say that he is right.

Eventually, it seems that the root of his problem is that he does not read the > and < signs as "more than" and "less than" respectively, but he will look at the arrow instead. Small arrow = less.

To explain to people unable to comprehend this interesting concept.

Big arrow (more!) > Small Arrow (less!).

The left side is big, and the right side is small.

Small Arrow (less!) < Big Arrow (more!)

The right side is small and the right side is big.

Got it for now? Please do not let this erase your mathematical knowledge.

So..... this guy posts " > $20". $20 is on the small arrow side. So it means less!! To him, it means less than $20, which in itself is a paradox as this means something is less than itself. Mind boggling but I guess my IQ not there yet.

For us, " > $20" is translated to "Asking Price > $20". Which means that:
1) Asking price is greater than $20
2) $20 is less than Asking Price.

Which both mean the same thing. To me at least. I hope I have confused you guys completely. Please don't forget that I failed almost all my maths tests and examinations in school.

To enjoy the discussion, click here.

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More Movies.

So I have been on a movie rampage recently. Since the beginning of November, I have watched the following movies.

The Golden Compass

That's more than what I usually watch in a year!

I still have a few more movies I want to watch, like Alvin and the Chipmunks and 27 Dresses. I toyed with the idea of watching Sweeney Todd, but I am not sure I will go and watch it since the them is not just macabre, it's almost a slasher imho. I want to watch them sing though, Johnny Depp can sing pretty well! Well, I'll give it a good thought.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Missed Deal.

I thought I had seen the English version of Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations selling at Playasia for SGD36.57. I went back today to look at it and the only version of Phoenix Wright 3 selling at that price is the japanese version.

The english version costs about $44.

I think the special price english version sold out. Should have ordered it when I saw it.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Wallet says: Ouch.

Today was an official half day for us. Cool beans eh? Had a mini celebration at work. I'm not much for the festivities but where there is good food, it's a good festival.

So after the food, my friend and I went to do a little shopping. Spent $89.70 on three items at Esprit..... ouchies. Plus what I spent last week... my wallet needs some counselling.

On alternative news, the bank that shall not be mentioned called me today to update me on the funds transfer fiasco. Anyways......... it turned out that the previous arrangement the CSO promised me (that of a cash cheque being sent to me in favour of the amount I paid double) would make me pay FULL INTEREST RATES on the full sum.

I was like.... you mean I will pay full interest on MY money which I am getting back from the bank because the bank made me pay double? Yes I admit I was dumb to even pay double but I trust the bank system mah.

So now.... what they are going to do is to make it so that the extra money will go towards next month's outstanding balances. I don't really trust them on that though, but the CSO told me that she would call me on the 28th and 31st of December.

I also told her some stories of why I don't trust them to follow through on their promised arrangements. I think she is such a poor thing to listen to such tragic stuff on a holiday eve.

On that note.

Happy Holidays!
The politically correct term.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Busy Winter Solstice

Ah. Winter Solstice rolls round again. had forgotten about it until like three days ago actually (bad bad elf). Had actually agreed to go welcome my colleague back home after a 3 month deployment, but then had to go and 祭祖. So, colleague, too bad. Good thing was, all the people we had to 'visit' were in the same place. So we didn't have to go running around half of Singapore.

After that went out to my monthly gathering with some ex colleagues. 4 of us in total. I'm the only one left in the original workplace and sometimes I wonder how long will this remain status quo. Anyways, we had lunch at Aerin's which is located at Raffles City Marketplace. The food there isn't bad, but there was this particular waiter whose attention is quite impossible to catch. We think he does it on purpose. We always ended up nabbing someone else.

My meal consisted of Fish and Chips, Double Fudge Chocolate cake and an English Breakfast tea. The fish and chips wasn't half bad. It's probably one of the better fish and chips I've had these few years. Fish and chips these days are just so disappointing.

The double fudge chocolate cake...... yum. yum. yum.

During lunch, we exchanged some presents. I don't do christmas by the way. I hate giving presents, but I love receiving them. The reason why I hate giving presents is that I hate thinking about what to give people. I don't like to give people stuff that they will take one look and chuck away for the rest of their lives. Anyway, since my friends wanted to exchange presents, I did cos it would be odd otherwise. Made a mad scramble on friday night to buy stuff.

Stuff I gave out
1) Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess expansion
2) Perlini's Silver necklace
3) Swatch watch

Stuff I got
1) Final Fantasy XI Vanadiel Clock (Wanted to get one of these like forever!)
2) Forever Friends cushion (Purple, cuddly and cute! Even my dad smiled when he saw this one!)
3) Bracelet made from birthstones

After lunch, we went to walk around and ate some more stuff. Around dinnertime, we went home. It's winter solstice after all and it's time to eat some 汤圆.

Around 2100, my friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go down to MOS. Being the bum that I am, I thought it'd be cool to go down and have a look. So I did. Went down to Paulaner's to meet my friends before heading down to MOS. They were having some Disko Digitac event I think. My friend actually preferred the Smoove section which plays RnB. It was quite crowded over in Smoove, I guess RnB is a popular genre with MOS'ers.

Oh, I saw a pub/club named Cuban Libre near MOS. I think I should like to pop by there someday.

Oh. Recently Starhub called me up to offer me a $100 handphone discount for a 2 year contract. They must be kidding me. $100. Forget it.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

How Do I Begin

There's been something I had wanted to write about for a long time. Thus far I have not because I could not convince myself to put it in words. After all, who is to say who's opinion was the better? After all, they are only opinions. Perhaps what felt like a good decision is in fact, not.

With the recent situation that happened since monday, it is more a matter of how I should begin writing it. A chapter has finished. An ending has materialised. The progression can never change anymore. There can be no more guesses and assumptions.

It is done.

Perhaps, I shall write it as a book or a play. It's just so, long with certain implications. Though we're past the point of worrying about implications, more or less.

On that note, I'd just like to say goodbye to someone who was a filial son, loving husband and devoted father. Bye uncle. We will always wonder if you did make that decision.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Go With The Flow. Rebranding!

So, my friend told me about the Singapore Science Centre doing a rebranding exercise. I guess after years of being known formally as the Singapore Science Centre, it is probably time to rebrand in order to have a newer image, or be hipper to attract students etc.

So, aren't we excited to know what the new name for the Singapore Science Centre is? Yes? Yes? Show me your hands!!!

The new name is:

*drum roll*

Science Center, Singapore.

Cool nuts isn't it?

I wonder why they didn't go all the way and call themselves Centre, Science, Singapore. That's even cooler imho.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Flying on the Wings of the Goddess

So today, I went to watch Beowulf. I had initially decided not to watch this show since it looked quite...... nasty. Not a bad show though, mostly CG.

However, the highlight of the day was not Beowulf. It was the fact that I managed to get my moogle paws on a copy of the Wings of the Goddess expansion! Finally!

What's bad was that as I walked into the store, the owner actually saw me and said "Hey I managed to get a customer to release a copy for you that day, just a minute after you left! However I couldn't find your phone number." I was like ..... thanks but you really shouldn't have told me that..... So sad, could have gotten it a few days earlier. Oh well, I still managed to get it at a price of $54.90. It was a birthday present too hahaha. Apparently it sells at another place for $59.90.

I love the expansion so far. I should probably start updating my FFXI blog.. but my Screenshotter broke and I have no screenshots to post. I will work on it I guess. After my euphoria passes lol.

I love the new zones and the new music. The music really got me going with the mood.. I get kinda sad when I'm listening to the music because the music is dealing with the Great War. Not that much happy thoughts there eh?

Also, an update on my NaNoWriMo 2007 venture. Well, I was lazy and only wrote about 6000 words. Procrastination at work again. I see why NaNoWriMo is really good for pushing people to write with disregard for the quality of work. You never get started otherwise. On the bright side, my 6000 word story has 3 characters already. I know what one of them does, kinda put a hobby on another character but simply have no idea what to do with the third.

Anyway, I think I shall like to dabble my feet into writing a play. It is something that I had been thinking about for some time as well, and I think soon I may have enough material to work on.

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