Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Explained Maths.

There's someone on one of the forums that I am on that has a very interesting interpretation of the > (more than) and < (less than) signs in maths.

I think everyone else knows that > means more than and <> $20" which I would presume any normal person would assume to be more than $20. However, this person actually meant less than $20.

After quite a few posts, with multiple people explaining to the numbskull that > $20 means more than $20, he was still insisting that he was right and that we were confusing him. Evn when people posted mathematical explanations, he agreed with the mathematical explanation and proceeded to say that he is right.

Eventually, it seems that the root of his problem is that he does not read the > and < signs as "more than" and "less than" respectively, but he will look at the arrow instead. Small arrow = less.

To explain to people unable to comprehend this interesting concept.

Big arrow (more!) > Small Arrow (less!).

The left side is big, and the right side is small.

Small Arrow (less!) < Big Arrow (more!)

The right side is small and the right side is big.

Got it for now? Please do not let this erase your mathematical knowledge.

So..... this guy posts " > $20". $20 is on the small arrow side. So it means less!! To him, it means less than $20, which in itself is a paradox as this means something is less than itself. Mind boggling but I guess my IQ not there yet.

For us, " > $20" is translated to "Asking Price > $20". Which means that:
1) Asking price is greater than $20
2) $20 is less than Asking Price.

Which both mean the same thing. To me at least. I hope I have confused you guys completely. Please don't forget that I failed almost all my maths tests and examinations in school.

To enjoy the discussion, click here.

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