Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sponsoring Pet Food 

I have just recently acquired a minor obsession with sponsoring pet food. I used to think it would be a fun thing to do but never really did anything about it cos it would be quite inconvenient trying to deliver the pet food to the shelters and I only knew that Pet Lovers Centre would do that sometimes when they run a campaign. I suppose they might have a regular delivery system but I never did find out all so much about it.

Recently, my friend set up Pet Guru in order to raise funds for Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) as well as let it serve as a food donation portal for shelters in Singapore. This has greatly simplified things now! Via pet Guru, I can donate to any shelter in Singapore, as long as I provide the address. Delivery for donations is free and you also get a 15% discount on items purchased for donations. The only hiccup is, right now they are focused on dog products. I am more of a cat person, so I am as yet unable to donate to cat shelters via Pet Guru.

I also decided to research on sponsoring of cat food for shelters and one of the organisations that I am looking at is Metta Cats. If you have another good cat shelter to recommend, please do so!

As of now, the following information is what I have with regards to sponsoring Dog and Cat food to SOSD and Metta Cats. I will be listing the wishlists and the channels through which donations may be sponsored. I try to make my $ go further so I will list the 'best deal'. However, if you note that the product is not good for the pet, or that there is a better recommendation for vendors, please do comment! I am a newbie in pet nutrition.

Any prices listed are before discount (so far only Pet Guru runs a discount system)

Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) Wishlist
Wet Food
Eagle Pack - $4.40 / can of 400 gms (via Pet Guru)
Monge Special Dog - $4.50 / can of 1275 gms (via Pet Guru)

*Monge Special Dog seems like a really good deal for SOSD given that they need to feed many dogs and they actually requested this item too, so I suppose that this item should be relatively reliable and the price is really cheap when compared to other items (although I am concerned that it is this cheap). I shall trust that the rescuers know what they are feeding the dogs since they have no reason to cause harm to them.

Dry Food
Wellness Core Dry Dog food - They require 132lbs (60 KGs) of dry food per week
4 lbs pack :  $36
12 lbs pack: $86
26 lbs pack: $159

Frontline for Large and Medium sized dogs - For flea and ticks. (monthly application)
3 tubes pack for Medium sized dogs - $47
6 tubes pack for Medium sized dogs - $77.60
3 tubes pack for Large sized dogs - $49
6 tubes pack for Large sized dogs - $81

Save Our Street Dogs has been fighting the Dog Distemper epidemic in Singapore and thus they are very drained in terms of manpower and other resources. Do try to contribute what you can. I think they will be happy even if you donate just 1 can of dog food (which costs about 1 McDonald's meal for us).

Metta Cats Wishlist
Dry Food
Sanabelle Trout or Chicken - $130 for 2 10KG packs at Briolife
Note: They run it as a matching campaign, in which you pay $130 for 1 10KG pack and they match another 10KG pack, making it 20KG for $130. I don't personally like this way of marketing but it is still the cheapest for Sanabelle kibbles.

$72 / 10KG pack from Li Hwa Cat Supplies (Whatsapp 9649 6220)
or $70 / 10 KG pack from A H A.

Wet Food
Fussie Cat $18 / ctn (24 cans of 80gm) - Li Hwa Cat Supplies (Whatsapp 9649 6220)
Fussie Cat $25 / ctn (24 cans of 400 gm) - Li Hwa Cat Supplies (Whatsapp 9649 6220)

Fussie Cat $22 / ctn (24 cans of 80gm) -  AHA (1 free can of Wellness Cat food 155gms)
Fancy Feast $24 / ctn (24 cans of 80gm) -  AHA (1 free can of Wellness Cat food 155gms)

Other donations may be made directly to Metta Cats. They require sponsors for cat litter, medications and also for fresh food.

Cat Welfare Society requires cash donations to fund neutering. Please contact them directly.

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