Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, I got to looking at stuff I wanted to get for my DS.. and the following stuff are on the list.

Final Fantasy IV DS

I need not say more. Seriously. If I needed to explain to you, you probably should not be reading my blog.

Phoenix Wright: Trial and Tribulations

The third installment in the Phoenix Wright Series. Hold it!

Bleach Music


Such a cute Chocobo!

Kweh <3!

Moogle hand phone strap!



I like this less than the Chocobo and Moogle ones but I would like to have it for the set!


As with the Tonberry one, I want it for the set!

Seriously considering if I should order these items. Be a chunk of change out of my pocket ; ;

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Was Bored...

So I did a personality test I saw on a friend's blog.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Been wanting to watch this show for quite some time now, therefore I was plenty excited when it finally went on show!

Watched a PM session with my friend at Cathay.... Cathay's weekend tickets are at a popping $10 each. No joke. I was joking with my friends that we seem to watch more movies as the tickets get more expensive. UOB VISA gets you a ticket at $8 on the weekends, so we're all good.

The food queue was horribly long. We thought we'd be really smart and go to the concession counter inside, instead of the one at the box office... that one had a pretty long queue as well, with one very hassled service personnel trying to manage. As you can imagine, we were getting pretty edgy.

Thankfully, we managed to get our food (my friend's fish and chips would be delivered to her later but it was VERY much later.) and scrambled into the theatre, just in time for the last couple of movie trailers.

And so, the show started.

For those who don't already know, Jumper is a movie about someone (David) with the ability to teleport to wherever he pleases ( of course I assume he needs to be able to visualise the place). It gets better! It's not only the male lead who can teleport! There are apparently others who can teleport as well and there is this war that they are involved in, with a group (Paladins *zomg*) who are out to eliminate all jumpers.

The movie is basically about this struggle to survive, and also with a huge damsel in distress element. See, David has this huge crush on this girl and it apparently makes him lose all sense of logical deduction when it comes to the girl. I remember thinking so many times :"What an idiot!" about David.

The dumb stunts he pulls without any thought that there may be consequences makes me almost want to strangle the fella. Who the heck jumps (and dumps) someone else into a bank vault and not expect to be rattled on? Then again, I guess if he was so dumb we would not have a movie to watch.

Some of the fight scenes didn't sit well with me as they used a hand held style of filming.

Rating (Max 10) : PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

P.S. I Love You

Caught this movie with a fried. Was a last minute thing really, we didn't really know what to do so we decided to check out the box office and settled on this show in like 3 mins.

As the title will show, this is a chick flick. The show opens with this couple who are so in love with each other, but have their problems to work out, as evidenced by the huge fight at the beginning.
The show then cuts to months later, when the husband (Jerry) dies from a brain tumour and the wife (holly) is devastated. She wallows in her depression, until she receives a birthday cake from her husband on her thirtieth birthday. From then, she starts receiving letters from Jerry, written while he was still alive.

The letters always asks Holly to do something, things that remind her of Jerry but yet slowly making her let go of him.

The show has multiple sob moments. If you're the sort to cry at the movies, do bring a pack of tissues, or grab some serviettes at the counter. The letter deliveries did get kinda lame after the first couple, as in, it doesn't really seem like such a big deal yet it plays a crucial role in the show after all. I'd say it's a kinda sweet lame thing, as in all chick flicks. We know it's lame, but we want to watch it.

Odd thing is, even though Holly is on screen for almost all the screen time, it still feels like we don't know her at all. Probably just me.

Rating (max 10):PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Fried Wantan Noodles

Went out with my colleagues for dinner at the Bugis area. We had noodles at this place that sells fried wantan noodles. The noodles are pretty good and the fried wantan are delicious. The noodles comes with standard wantan in soup too.

The noodles comes in two sizes, $3.50 and $4.50. I ordered the $3.50 one and it was quite enough for a meal. I'll probably order the $4.50 one in futrue when I go there though. The noodles are yummy. They also have other types of noodles there. I bet they taste good too!

The shop is opposite Pet Lover's at Bugis Junction. It's across the street. I believe it is called Parklane Fried Wantan Noodles.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Singaporean English in The Slammer!!

I've heard about this thing about the Taiwanese commenting on Singaporean english but I only saw the video on youtube today

I think that section in the show was done in good faith and for entertainment purposes, not like they really wanted to criticise us. Still, since I'm an 'involved party', I shall yak abit about it.

We do have very different ways of pronouncing words over here in tiny Singapore, but then... I don't recognise any of the pronounciations that were supposedly Singaporean..... I think it was a case of a bad imitation.

The only word in the show that sounded remotely like it could be Singaporean was the word 'Pregnant' and if you can't switch yourself around to understand words spoken more curtly then you are used to and given an inflection to represent a question, then that's too bad.

Singaporeans are amazingly curt with words, we skip syllables, mispronounce, grammatical errors and all sorts of nonsense. Our english, as a nation, isn't all that great but hey if you wanna comment on someone degrading your english (see 00:45 "所以你变成这种英语") ... you gotta have standards higher than the offending person. Else it'd be tricky to pull you down. XD

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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Child Man and The Man Teen

One of the blogs that I used to frequent had fallen into neglect but has recently been resurrected. So I was there happily reading the posts, which incidentally have changed flavour greatly from what it used to be like (not that I really mind), when I cam across two posts with regards to a single topic. Let me link you the the blog posts in question.

The Child Man by [GM] Dave

That there is the first post about this article that he read and commented on.

Next he talks about another article, based on the Child Man article by Kay Hymowitz, this article is written by Kate Muir and is titled The Dark Ages and talks about the Man Teen. I love the way they just come up with these neat terms. Child Man. Man Teen. How about.. grandpa-son?

Anyway, I dunno about you, but my very first impression after reading those two articles was that (especially the second article by Kate) sounds like they were written by 60 year old spinsters. Of course, I know they really aren't but they sure do write like one.

Essentially the articles claim that video games has led to the delayed maturity of men. This is the main point in the second article, though less in the first article. Men are getting more immature. I find that oxymoronic. Blaming the entire immaturity of men on video games and video games alone, is immaturity in itself.

Now you may disagree with me, and you have every right to do so, but my personal opinion is that while video games do have a huge impact on the social trends nowadays, it cannot be the sole cause of all our social ills. It's just a convenient vehicle to foist all our problems on.

Additionally, the article leads the readers to believe that women have been greatly victimised by video games as men now pay less attention to building a family. This claim would be true, if not a single woman in the world plays video games. Unfortunately at last check, I am guilty of playing video games. I also happen to think I'm female. I also know couples who play online games together and they are happy.

Of course, anything taken to extreme is not good. We all hear about the wives who wants a divorce because the husband pays more attention to the video games than themselves. Not so long ago there was this bimbo talksho (I forget her name) where they interviewed a couple like this. They made the guy do this really ground breaking act of shredding the installation discs. Like duh. The game doesn't need the disc once installed... and you can always buy more. The bimbo also mentioned "that the husband would rather neglect his wife and other human interactions, to be playing an online game". Anyone who actually has played MMORPGS will know that there are humans all over the server albeit being represented by a virtual avatar.

I digress.

At least Kay had shot at a variety of problems. Kate was just outright gunning for gamers. Some choice quotes from Kate's article includes:

Apparently, in Gears of War, the smallest details of the largest battles were crystal clear, in widescreen! Surely they were discussing their children’s computer games? Xboxes are toys, after all.
Further chat revealed the professional gentlemen were childless. The Xboxes were toys for very big boys indeed.
I assumed that, after adolescence, young men put away childish things and played amateur football, got amusingly drunk, instigated punch-ups, watched Big Brother or ineffectually pursued women. Yet here were men holding down serious careers by day, but infantalised by night in a virtual world.
So it's actually a better idea to get amusingly drunk, get into fights and ineffectually pursue women. Hmmm. Got the hint guys?

And why do I think the author sounds like a 60 year old spinster?

Perhaps there’s nothing to complain of about this man-teen era, unless you’re a woman with a ticking biological clock, waiting for someone – anyone – to grow up.

Such angst in the article. Sometimes I wonder which gamer offended her.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Silence is Golden

Wouldn't you love it when you can eavesdrop on someone else's coversation? Of their daily concerns? Without straining to hear? Without worrying about being caught? AT FOUR AM IN THE BUZZING MORNING?

Kiddo, at four am, I don't really care if your boyfriend promised you that he will sell that WoW account and quit playing, whether he is 'feeling song' that he gave you half a glass of alcohol to drink, that you have just got some damn epic item from WoW, when you're going to Dragonfly (Come on I bet you can't get in the front door, oh wait maybe that's why you said OUTSIDE Dragonfly), that you deigned to grant someone a movie watching session or even if you're plain making out like rabbits (didn't happen though). Just go to where I cannot hear you.

It's four o'clock in the morning. Shut. Up.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sneaky Mother

Went out for a little walk with my mum. As we walked she saw this couple and commented on how the girl has this huge bag but needs the guy to carry the pair of oranges. I told her at least the girl didn't ask the guy to carry her bag as well. That's where she got sneaky and asked me when I was going to find someone to carry my stuff. Verrrry sneaky.

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Loyang Tua Pek Gong

Ok, So my dad said a few weeks ago that after eating reunion dinner, we will go and look at the deco in Chinatown.

He kinda lied >.<
We didn't go to Chinatown, which was probably a good idea anyway since it's all crowded and the roads are closed till 3 AM. We went to Loyang Tua Pek Gong. As we got there I was like WHOA. There's a huge bunch of people there. I guess it makes sense since people are there to 插头香. Incidentally, that just means your first stick of incense for the year. Yes, YOU, not the first stick of incense for the temple. Anyway, there wre quite a lot of festivities going on. The place was quite nicely decorated. I took some photos but I think they turned out quite crappy since I had to take them on the go, my parents weren't going to wait around till I composed shots.



Loyang Tua Pek Gong Main Sign




Lanterns and Incense

This is a lovely ceiling that they have at the Loyang Tua Pek Gong. I actually wanted to take a photo of the ceiling inside the main hall, but I didn't quite get the chance to do that.

Sculpted ceiling

It's the New Year and we even have friends from the other races joining in the crowds. For those who don't know, the Loyang Tua Pek Gong has a space at the side for the a couple of the Hindu gods and a Datok.


What is a countdown without some fireworks? Even though the countdown was only conducted after the New year had already arrived. For the confused, the chinese day starts at 2300 (子时) and not midnight. If you really want to be technical, in Singapore that would mean 2330hrs because we had previously adjusted our time ahead by 30 mins to align ourselves with Malaysia.

Anyway, I thought I'd be like smart and take handheld shots with a wide aperture of 3.5, it was a bad idea as you can see from this photo

How NOT to shoot fireworks

After some quick adjustments, the result was not that much better since I can only take very short exposures.

Still not quite the way to shoot

Like I said, my fireworks shots gets worse with every shoot I go to.

And to end the fireworks, we have a display of flying paper!

Finally to let you guys have a feel of how smoky it was...

Not a bad way to start the year off indeed.

I'm currently enjoying the New Year holidays because it is sooooooo quiet. It only gets so quiet like once a year. It used to be this quiet till the 5th day of Chinese New Year but recently it starts returning to normal by the third day or so. Come on people, take a break!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My New Music Playlist

As you have already noticed, I have just added a new music playlist. It is really in your face so if you did not notice it, I know not what to say.

Anyway I was debating whether to place the playlist at the top of my blog (not very aesthetic) or at the bottom (makes it a tad inconvenient for people to fidget with the player controls).

Let me know what you think. I'm probably gonna tweak it more..... not sure how but yeah...

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Pseudo Spree

One of my colleagues will be moving on to another job at the end of the month, so we are planning a dinner and a gift for him. I had wanted to just buy a Borders Gift card. My friends will know this is so ME. I prefer to give such stuff so that they can buy what they want and they don't end up with what I like. Of course, this is provided that he likes to read in the first place but we can't win them all you know.

Anyway, we sent out an email witha few options, Borders Gift card, Watch, Pen set and something else I think. Guess what, the majority chose the watch. I wonder why people prefer to give some THING as in a item, rather than cash or credit (as in gift card, vouchers etc). Don't they realise that we have to go pick out a watch which the person may not like, etc etc. Need to choose type, colour and design. Sigh.

Anyway the majority had spoken, so one of my colleagues and I went to Tampines Mall to shop for a watch.

We looked at a couple of pieces and in the end we decided on a piece of Eidifice by Casio. I can't show a photo of it cos it's with my colleague and I can't find a similar pic on the net. That watch cost $327. Now as I was about to pay for the watch (and of course later extort the money from my fellow colleagues) I made a comment about how I should look for a watch for myself since mine broke and I told my colleague that my watches are usually not more expensive than $50, cos I usually just go to the shop, buy a casio. XD

Anyways I saw a trade in offer where you can get the G-Shocks and the Baby Gs at promotional price so I was like: "Hey, maybe I can trade in my watch and get the offer, mine's a casion anyway!" Then I realised that they only accept G-shocks and Baby Gs for trade, so I told my colleague: " Guess not, I don't have G shocks cos they were always out of my budget" A customer standing next to my colleague turned and gave us a look. I bet he was thinking, You just dropped three hundred and twenty seven dollars on a watch and you say G Shocks are out of your budget. Right.

Anyways, after that watch, I asked my friend if there was a Royal Sporting House around the area. I had intended to go to the Marina Square branch because a couple weeks back I had seen a pair of sandals I wanted.


The only size they had in stock was a little bit loose, but I bought it anyway cos I wanted it. If I went to Marina Square, I might probably have been able to get a smaller one, but it's ok cos I can still wear this pair lol.

I'm so tempted to buy a second pair. Gonna test it out during new year but so far it feels so wonderfully comfortable.

I'm glad I made a bimbo contribution today.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

In Love. Cecil.

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Final Fantasy IV <3

I bought 2 sets of FFIV NDS Lite accessories, they are currently being shipped out after a mild interlude delaying their delivery. I had to buy these sets at a higher price from a website because the website I was eyeing them on ran out of stock. Due to the unexpected delay, the retailer upgraded my delivery options. It's supposed to reach me in three days, which I highly doubt but we'll find out.

I have also bought, at the other website which ran out of stock for the accessories set, the entire set of FFIV figurines in a factory sealed set.

Final Fantasy IV Figurines

I believe I bought the last box they had in stock. Aren't I lucky this time?

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