Saturday, March 26, 2005


Today is the Singapore Biathlon. Was picked up at about 0450 to head down to East Coast. Set up stuff and was ready for flag off by 0800.

Nothing much to say here, except that there's this guy who completed the 1.5KM swim in TWO HOURS. That's right. TWO HOURS. Amazing. I could never swim for that long. In the end, he completed the race at about 1200hrs. The first guy to cross the finish line did that at about 0900, complete with waves and greetings to people along the route lol.

Packing up thi year is fast, partly due to compression of activities to run concurrently and also because of a rain that got rather heavy. Man, we were nearly drenched. Not that I was dry anyway.

Well, I will probably never get anywhere near participating in the racing component of the biathlon, so this is pretty much as good as it gets. 1.5KM Swim and 10KM run. No Thanks. Maybe if I get my brain tuned.

STill worrying about IPPT 2.4KM. >.<

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Lousy Start to a Public Holiday

Received a call late last night to go to East Coast Park at 0830hrs today. I needed to bring the Biathlon T-Shirt also. You know how much I hate going to East Coast? VERY. It's so difficult to get to !

Anyway I reched the location at just before 0800. Had to wait till 0845 cos apparently, THAT was the time everyone else was told. Fine, play punk with me right? >.<

Basically returned the T-Shirt, got a briefing that was briefed on Thursday anyway (I think it's just to humour us) and then we left on our merry way to Bedok to have our Breakfast. Got back home by 1130. Tommorrow is the Biathlon proper. Have to report at 0530.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Travel Plans

My my, looks like I will be moving around abit in April and May.

First, I will be going to KL to attend the Asian Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Association's Inaugaral Seminar (Phhhwaahh!!). Will be going with one of my ex Nursing Officer (now Hd TRG), Cf Tech and his right hand man.

4 of us will be leaving on Friday Morning and should reach KL by noon. We might get a little sightseeing/shopping done, but I'm not that keen on shopping anyway. In case you still hadn't noticed, this is all out of my own pocket.

Then in May I will be going to Hong Kong as I had already mentioned, I think. The trip is from May 12 - 18. Airtickets and accomodation have been confirmed. If anyone has suggestions of where to eat, please tell me hor, I am messing IC for this trip ^^

In May, I also have to present at MMC ..... eewe... I dun really like that thought cos it sounds so scary. Oh well, have to get it done and I figure it's good exposure anyway.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

DiSC Workshop

I just love all these personality workshops. I don't know why but I just do. Anyway, went to the DiSC Workshop, courtesy of Big Boss. This is the second time i have gone to this workshop, but I have not done my profile again, so I do not know why I had to go. Probably Big Boss wishes to know how we fit together?

Anyway, whenever there are this kinds of analysis, my profile is always pretty extreme. I say extreme meaning different from the majority. Here's a brief raking by number of people

High 'D'
High 'C'
High 'S'
High 'I'

And guess what? I am High 'I' (High 'I' and High 'S' to be accurate). Damn, I am unique. There are only 4 High 'I' people ^^

Similar things with HBDI, my profile was way out man :) I'm apparently more of a Yellow/Red profile while the rest were more of a Blue/Green profile. With CARE, I found myself in the same group as...... a couple of 'Orpitsir' (Advancer or some crap like that - basically PR stuff lah).

Well, I hope there's more of such workshops. Some people are afraid to go to these workshops cos they are afraid of Big Boss knowing their personality/ working styles. Bull. So what if you do not go? Does he then not have an impression of your working style? duh.

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