Sunday, May 16, 2004

There is this kindness campaign that Channel News Asia (CNA) is currently promoting. It is based on the Pay It Forward concept. I've friends who comment that this is not an original idea... that it has been shown in movies etc etc. My take on this is, who cares if the idea is not original?? It's a kindness campaign for goodness sake, not some variety show!

Another comment is about how we Singaporeans need such campaigns to tell us to be kind, and that it is a sad state of affairs. Huh. I do admit that as Singaporeans, we have a lot to improve in our behaviour as humans. We could benefit from being more civic minded, more kind and more generous. That said, I need to say that there is no lack of kind people, we just wish there were more.

Does this mean that we should not have kindness campaigns? I believe that such a campaign would be great anywhere, even in places where people are always helpful. Why complain about the need for such a campaign?

After all my complaints, if you are interested in the movement,
One Deed One Lifetime

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