Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IM 2 x 2

I have just bought tickets for 2 movies this weekend. It's Ip Man 2 and Iron Man 2. Cute isn't it? IM 2 x 2.

After the movies, I will be attending 'Fantasy comes Alive!' at NUS Cultural Centre. I better check out the driving directions.... can't be having my friend getting lost on the way there!!

On another note, my mum didn't scream bloody blue murder today when I mentioned getting a Class 2B licence lol. I wonder if it's cos she has grudgingly accepted the fact that it's cheaper and I might really need it if I get accepted to SIM, or she forgot what Class 2B is.....

Oh well! Let's not spoil the party shall we??

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Typical Girl's Day Out.

Took half day off work today and went to catch Clash of the Titans with a couple of friends. The movie wasn't too bad but I'd have to say that there were detractions from what I thought I remembered in the original movie.

After the movie, went for a couple of rounds of Daytona USA, the original version. Ok so this part isn't what you think is a typical day out.

Next we wandered around a bit and I suggested going to Skinfood to help a friend buy a lip gloss that she needs. So we dropped in, I picked up the lip gloss (Tomato Jelly Lip Tint #3 - $20) and ended up getting a Egg white moisturising hair pack for myself ($28.10). I went to pay and the bill was $48.10.

Next my friend decided to buy the Pomegranate shampoo and conditioner at $39.90 each. So her bill was $79.80. The salesperson informed us that if we had paid together, we would have been entitled to am immediate 5% discount. However if we spent a further $22.10, we would be eligible for the VIP card.

So, girl being girls, we decided to go for it. I then picked up a Peach Sake Toner for $33.

Luckily I have a bonus this month or else my wallet is so dead.

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Moving on.

Stagnation is easy. You just stay where you are, do what you do. Years down the road when you look back at why you never got anywhere worth going, you can just tell yourself "Oh because I was busy with *insert any random reason*"

"I couldn't afford it"

"I simply didn't have time"

"*Random incident/task* was more important"

Change is hard but change is important. Heck, let's make an extreme example. If I wanted to change my single status, I'd probably have to get out of the house more in the first place. I'm too lazy though.

However today we are not discussing this topic :D After years of thinking, second guessing and telling myself otherwise, I have finally applied for a place in UniSIM's B.A in Translation and Interpretation. Dropped the supporting documents off in the mail today (well technically yesterday, Friday). I have no clue whether I will be accepted but at least I have finally made a decision and acted on it.

I remember back in November I was telling myself that I had decided to embark on this course in July 2010 and nothing, absolutely nothing, could change my mind. Then someone offered me an opportunity to pursue an Adv Dip. I then decided to postpone my degree plans for the Adv Dip.

There's been some hiccups with the Adv Dip application though. So to make a long story short, I will have to wait for the Oct intake to see if they open up a course. If they do, I will have to wait and see if they accept me. If I waited till then and they did not offer me a place, I can only apply for the Jan 2011 intake for the degree course. 6 months wasted for almost nothing. If I do get into the Adv Dip, I will have to go for the July 2011 intake for the degree. 1 year postponement. I'm not getting any younger, unless any of you would like to tell me where the fountain of youth is.

So anyway, I have now decided that I will apply for the July 2010 intake. If I get in, I will probably be able to clear 3 modules in the 1st Sem. If I get accepted to the Adv Dip, I can choose whether to take a break for the degree till July 2011, or continue with just 2 modules. Might be doable.

So now, what's left is to wait for the offer in May. I hope I get in and I can survive lol.

Also hope everything else turns out fine for me. Been having lotsa thoughts in my mind. Most of it inane, but affective.

In other news. I've already cleared IPPT on the 1st of April :D I've never taken IPPT so early in the WY before!!

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To the Special Someone

I read this topic in a forum today. I thought it was really cool, especially since it was not a homey, lovey, thoughtful forum. It was a guy dominated forum in fact.

Anyway since I thought it was so cool, I shall do a post in the spirit of the topic here.

To the Special Someone,

Where are you?



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