Sunday, December 23, 2007

Busy Winter Solstice

Ah. Winter Solstice rolls round again. had forgotten about it until like three days ago actually (bad bad elf). Had actually agreed to go welcome my colleague back home after a 3 month deployment, but then had to go and 祭祖. So, colleague, too bad. Good thing was, all the people we had to 'visit' were in the same place. So we didn't have to go running around half of Singapore.

After that went out to my monthly gathering with some ex colleagues. 4 of us in total. I'm the only one left in the original workplace and sometimes I wonder how long will this remain status quo. Anyways, we had lunch at Aerin's which is located at Raffles City Marketplace. The food there isn't bad, but there was this particular waiter whose attention is quite impossible to catch. We think he does it on purpose. We always ended up nabbing someone else.

My meal consisted of Fish and Chips, Double Fudge Chocolate cake and an English Breakfast tea. The fish and chips wasn't half bad. It's probably one of the better fish and chips I've had these few years. Fish and chips these days are just so disappointing.

The double fudge chocolate cake...... yum. yum. yum.

During lunch, we exchanged some presents. I don't do christmas by the way. I hate giving presents, but I love receiving them. The reason why I hate giving presents is that I hate thinking about what to give people. I don't like to give people stuff that they will take one look and chuck away for the rest of their lives. Anyway, since my friends wanted to exchange presents, I did cos it would be odd otherwise. Made a mad scramble on friday night to buy stuff.

Stuff I gave out
1) Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess expansion
2) Perlini's Silver necklace
3) Swatch watch

Stuff I got
1) Final Fantasy XI Vanadiel Clock (Wanted to get one of these like forever!)
2) Forever Friends cushion (Purple, cuddly and cute! Even my dad smiled when he saw this one!)
3) Bracelet made from birthstones

After lunch, we went to walk around and ate some more stuff. Around dinnertime, we went home. It's winter solstice after all and it's time to eat some 汤圆.

Around 2100, my friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go down to MOS. Being the bum that I am, I thought it'd be cool to go down and have a look. So I did. Went down to Paulaner's to meet my friends before heading down to MOS. They were having some Disko Digitac event I think. My friend actually preferred the Smoove section which plays RnB. It was quite crowded over in Smoove, I guess RnB is a popular genre with MOS'ers.

Oh, I saw a pub/club named Cuban Libre near MOS. I think I should like to pop by there someday.

Oh. Recently Starhub called me up to offer me a $100 handphone discount for a 2 year contract. They must be kidding me. $100. Forget it.

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