Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Internet Adventures. Again.

My Internet died Sunday 22 Jan 2006 around 2000+ hrs.

I called Singnet Helpdesk Sunday night around 2300 hrs. Final verdict after trying to fix my modem. My modem is kaput. Recommendation: Send it in for exchange.

VRnet (the vendor) only operates from 0900-1700 hrs. Mondays - Fridays. They are based in Pasir "Ulu" Panjang. They offer delivery service at upwards of $60 each call. I decide to buy a new modem in the interim.

New modem, burnt. Had to rush to Junction 8 branch to get it exchanged. Still unable to connect. Called SIngnet, they can only offer me limited help cos they do not support Linksys Modem. Connected my old modem back to the PC.

Singnet managed to improve the condition of my modem.Now the WLAN light actually come on. Final Verdict. Get my PC checked. My iBook cannot connect to the internet, but it's ok, they say, get your PC fixed first. I was fairly miffed at that.

After hanging up on the Helpdesk.. and messing around a bit. My Internet came back to life.

Thank goodness for little miracles.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Fund Raising Stunt Shows.

With reference to the Jacelyn Tay outsburst on the Fund raising stunts local artistes have to prform ever so regularly....

I have quit watching these stunt shows long ago. These kind of fund raising shows insult my personal integrity. I will donate money means I will donate money. I do not donate money BECAUSE someone risked his or her life. In fact, I think it is insulting to the person performing the stunt that their life can be put at risk by a $5 donation from me. Their lives are not so cheap. No one's life is so cheap.

I no longer watch these shows as watching these shows means I condone such stunts.

However, I have no bone with Mediacorps in particular. It is after all the Charity themselves who muct agree to such forms of fund raising and persist in doing so. Should the charity disagree to such tactics, I do not think Mediacorps can force such a program on them.

We need another SPCA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Artistes.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NEA. Read and LEARN

Well, I sent a couple of feedback letters last month and i just received the reply from Comfort today.

It was a short reply, nothing much in it, but I was happy with this reply... cos it didn't imply that I was lying.

"I refer to your report lodged against the said driver on December 19 and wish to extend sincere apologies for the unpleasant incident.

We have looked the matter. The said driver was warned on this incident and firmly reminded to deliver the service standards as set out by Comfort. Your complaint has been filed in his service record and we will monitor his performance.

Thank you for your feedback. We will continue to reinforce our service enforcement, communication and training efforts to push up service levels by Comfort drivers."

Granted, there was not much mention of the guilt of the driver... but at least the reply didn't scream :"I was innocent!!" to me.

I'm happy with this reply. See, I'm not THAT bitchy. Sometimes.

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