Monday, July 31, 2006

Babylon 5... LIVES!

Sometimes, reading random blogs do give you really rewarding information! So I was just idling and came across a fellow FFXI player's blog..... when I notice that he has an article on Babylon 5 being revived!

I wanted to link to the article but it doesn't have a permalink... so I guess I'll have to credit him separately.

The Blog belongs to Halifirien (FFXI nick) and the entry on 26th July says that J. Michael Stracynski (yes I spelt that without referring) has a new B5 project up. These will be a series of 30 mins movies to be released on DVDs and to centre on one character each so that each movie is about that particular character. I guess.

I share his sadness that Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs will not be able to take part in B5 anymore.

Incidentally, I have most of the soundtrack from the B5 series. Cost me over $700 IIRC.

I'm currently working on the DVD series.

Maybe I should finally attempt to get that B5 Station Uniform.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Timor Leste, Beauty and Strife

Timor Leste, Timor Lorosae, East Timor and even Timor-Timur all mean the same place. A beautiful island ridden with strife and suffering.

All these is compounded by the fact that the UN tried to build up Timor Leste as a nation as soon as possible. They are faced with huge unemployment after the bubble economy created by the UN. This was known predicted way back in 2001, as the economy is hugely buoyed by the UN troops there.

Give the children there a chance.
Land of the Rising Sun needs your help

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Old news, but...

This is very old news, but I just decided that I wanted it on my Blog.

Entertainment value. I was busy spending time deciding whether his jokes were actually funny. Hmmm.

Mahathir, F-18s, MIGs and Singapore

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Babylon 5: The Complete Universe

It's been a long time since I last remembered Babylon 5. Oh I remember how I used to be glued to the TV watching this, and if I missed an episode, the next day was definitely a bad day.

I 've bought some of the VCDs and season to 3 of the DVD release, but I have yet to complete my collection in full. I checked out some Babylon 5 information.... and lo and behold!! There is a UK version of the complete series and this was release just last year!

The US version only has all the TV episode.... but the UK version has all the TV episodes, all the B5 movies... and CRUSADE! Crusade is a 13 episode spin off from B5 that was unfortunately cancelled.

Ah. Those 5 years that babylon 5 aired, IMHO, were dark years for Star Trek.

Babylon 5 : The Complete Universe

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