Monday, May 10, 2010


Somedays I really wonder whether I am truly that useless at my workplace in terms of contributions or is it just that some other people are better at showmanship. I know I'm not one of those go-getters.

I don't really care about the annual ranking.

I take what I am given because I think that I probably don't deserve better.

Yet sometimes, I wonder if there are people who got more with less?

I'm sure there are. It's all about showmanship anyway.

Heck what do you expect when your boss doesn't even read your feedback report before interviewing you.

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Wallet Alert.

I seriously need to go easy on the wallet. I'm never gonna save any money at the rate that I am going.

Today, I planned to do ONE hair treatment. However, I agreed to do TWO. Sigh. There goes $199. Sheesh. I don't even take that much care of my hair at home... so it's gonna be money not well spent :(

I seriously need to cut expenses. What with a 5% net pay cut. An upcoming degree (I hope). Class 2B. Maybe a class 2B bike. Some other big commitments that I may need to commit to.

Anyway it's seriously unhealthy to live as it is now. I don't have spare cash. I hardly save any money. I'd be glad if I don't go into the red. I wonder how much money everyone else sets aside for parents and family expenses. That part seems to take up a huge chunk of my pay... but I can't exactly stop that. Although the amount might be a little bit on the high side, I can only tail it down when other alternatives are available.

I hope everything goes well.

At least for this year I will be paying a lot less income tax!

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

The 2B story

Well, on my previous post I guess it might have made the 2B story seem pretty simple and straight forward. Let me clarify this, my mum is totally not in favour of me getting Class 2B.

Back when I first needed sureties to sign my contract, my mum found 2 sureties for me and told me :"You cannot go and learn motorcycle." At that time, you can't really do anything but to agree. Over time, I just figured I didn't want to learn how to ride a motorcycle anyway.

Recently though, the thought came back again. Here's an excerpt of a conversation I had with my mum a couple of months ago.

Me: My encik ask me to jio him for Class 2B leh..

Mum: Oh... what is Class 2B?

Me: Motorcycle

Mum: WHAT!!! Your encik needs to be slapped!!

Me: No lah, I also think if one has Class 3, should have Class 2 B. Better mah.

Mum: ....... Ok. But cannot buy bike.

Me: No guarantee.

Mum show one darn pissed face, I ran away.

So that was an obvious objection right there.

At the time of posting my previous post, this other conversation had taken place

I was looking at travel times and routes from my workplace to SIM (cos applying for a course there).

Me: If I get into the course, travelling is going to kill me, Will take me about one and a half hour at least but at least better than my colleague, he takes about 2 hours.

Mum: Can't you request to leave early?

Me: Yes but there is no bus out until 1700, so I'm stuck anyway. No money to buy car, that's why need to take 2B.

This is where I think my mum kinda relented OR she forgot what 2B is .

Mum: If I strike lottery, I'll buy you a car.

Me: Yeah but till then, I think take 2B better, or else always late and hungry.


So yeah, she is not in agreement... more like she likely forgot what 2B is.. or she just decided she didn't have a better suggestion.

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