Thursday, February 23, 2006

NEA Strikes Again

My mum has just collected a registered letter that NEA had sent to her.


The first line reads:" We regret to note that you have not complied with the Notice to Quit dated 12 Dec 2005."

This is BULL. I have called them up after the NTQ was rudely served and arranged an installment plan. However, NO OFFICIAL LETTER was ever sent to me by NEA.

When my mum last went to NEA to pay the rent, she was told to pay the amounts for November and Decmeber. This is AFTER I had already paid the installments for those 2 months. It was not untill after much checking that they decided that my mum does not owe them the November and December amounts.

Payment is current up to JANUARY 2006 by the gregorian calendar. I have n idea how updated the legal database in NEA is though.

Can you please stop haunting us already! We don't owe you some freaking $2000 every month!

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Plagiarisation, That's an Affirmative.

Oooh. I was so looking forward to getting home today to post this!! Was rather pissed when I saw the poster that I mentioned in yesterday's post.

The photos were not mine (obviously).

The text..... apart from a name change and a date change it was 95% my stuff. Yes, they added a couple of sentence in a certain paragraph but I sure can recognise MY WORK since they included a sentence I had purposefully planted for my oral presentation!

What made me most upset was that they placed their unit logo at the bottom of it. If they used our formation logo... I may not have been that upset. Well, as a consolation, the person in question did not put a name to the poster. OOh... but the unit logo thing is enough.

I'm telling ya, it was really like in an anime, when I saw the unit name at the bottom, I could literally see zaps passing in front of my eyes... I guess I must have been watching too much anime.

Anyway, I mentioned to my colleague why they hardly amended anything and the answer was: "We did have that too!" So, I had to flat out say that they copied my work. Immediate silence.

However, since we're colleagues, I had to put it behind me... sigh. This person in question is pretty nice to me usually.... but I"m just upset by this as this particular presentation means alot to me. I got some really good comments over it last year when I presented it. So how do you think I feel when I saw the plagiarisation? And when you get a couple of dolts who tell you it's ok, it doesn't matter....... I tell you it makes me angrier then anything else. I rather you shut the hell up rather then give this kind of low IQ comments.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hurray for Plagiarisation.

So. I am at this conference. My colleague was intially tasked to do an oral presentation on a topic that I had done the previous year. Naturally they asked me if they could have my presentation and abstract. Naturally I would agree (amid worries of plagiarisation). I don't mind providing the template and probably most of the stuff (depending on what it was) but blatant and 100% plagiarisation? Hmm.

Anyway. The oral presentation was changed to a poster presentation. I had felt that it was highly unfair for them to be asked to do the exact same topic that I had done anyway.

Today, I read the abstract book.. lo and behold! The abstract that was submitted.. was what I had written for mine. Of course, some totally irrelevant stuff was deleted. However, some information referencing the deleted information was still there, even though you wouldn't be able to tell. So basically, it was a delete some info, change date job.

Oh well. I guess I should be happy that I was actually plagiarised!!! Hurray!!

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Char Kway Teow, anyone? (Part I)

*Adapted from an un-namable source*

Once upon a time, there was this ah pek sellng Char Kway Teow. His Char Kway Teow was not the best, but it showed promise. Days went by and his Char Kway Teow improved and more people came to savour the goodies. Well, actually, it's just that he was the only Char Kway Teow Stall around, so there wasn't much choice.

Anyway, while initially he could run everything by himself, soon he found that he needed help to run his stall. He expanded his business by employing more people to help out. And things were good.

More days went by. One day, a very important person old him that he would be visiting his stall on a certain date. As the Ah Pek was concerned that only the best service should be served to the VIP, he decided to declare a half day for the stall. The Ah Pek was then chided by his Operations Manager (yes business was THAT big now) that you must provide Char Kway Teow for you customers at all times, not as and when the Ah Pek felt like it.

Ah Pek agreed. Customers come first after all.

Yet more days went by. The helpers at the stall started to leave for their better futures. Ah Pek was getting a bit stressed now. He asked the Manpower manager (business is big, ok) to get replacements as soon as possible. The Manpower manager said: " At the moment, we can't get new help, don't worry, I will ask the stall next door if they can spare some manpower."

The stall next door kindly contributed 1 helper. This helper would help out in boths stalls whenever possible. This helper was very hardworking and so all went well.

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Char Kway Teow, anyone? (Part II)

One day, the Ops Manager found out that this helper was helping out in 2 stalls and was very upset. He insisted that the helper should only help in the stall next door. Soon, he even offered to send that helper to an upgrading course for Stall Management overseas.

Well, all this meant that Ah Pek would now be running with only 40% manpower then he was supposed to have. Ah Pek thought:" Never mind, if I endure, sure got good thing come my way."

Suddenly, the Ops Manager started to tell Ah Pek that his stall was dirty, not well kept, unpresentable to the customers, the ingredients were lying around and the secret ingredients could be exposed. yadda yadda yadda.

Ah Pek is now very sad. Ah Pek wants to do a good job. Ah Pek does not have enough Manpower to do a good job. Nobody wants to give Ah Pek the Manpower but expects Ah pek to do a good job. In fact, people tell Ah Pek that back when he was the only one running the stall, business went on as usual. Ah Pek though about then and now.. and Ah Pek realised... back then, he only had to fry 30 plates of Char Kway Teow a day. Now he has to fry 1500 plates a day. On top of that, Ah Pek has to make sure his stall is ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, PDS, EVO and potentially GEM certified, because nowadays people don't do business with people that do not have such certifications.

Ah Pek also has to go for monthly meetings to look at numbers he doesn't really understand, but the Ops manager says that it will be good for him and he must write everything down so that he knows what is going on. And so, Ah Pek also has to spend time every month writing meeting stuff.

Ah Pek is sad.

Ah Pek don't like to Char Kway Teow anymore.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gatherings Galore

After the meet up with my Spec II batchboys, I just got back from my UM batch mini catchup. Raymond is back in Singapore and will be flying back to Deutschland on the 10th of February. He said that he couldn't call me on the phone.. but I honestly didn't know I missed his calls.

Anyway, he gave Mr Giant Panda a nice scenic calendar and I got a cookbook ^^ I wonder if I'll ever use it but the pictures look decidedly yummy.

Schweinhaxe und Kartoffelnsalat ..... *slurp* I need to go to Germany someday. Honest. ^^

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gathering... 5 years in the making

Met up with a couple of my Spec II batchboys today. We went to Tiong Bahru Plaza and had dinner at Lai Lai Restaurant (which by the way I don't really recommend. Food was ok but service was...... snail speed).

Ah good times. Haven't seen these old geezers in like forever. I've only seen one of them fairly often and he's the one who organised the dinner cos he's going to Australia for studies.

As for the other 2, good life cos they still studying. Well, thinking about it, one is studying Medicine so it's probably NOT good life for him. heh. The other is studying Engineering in NUS (IIRC).

Everybody's gonna be so well qualified. Hmm.....

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Final Fantasy IV GBA

It has been out. Final Fantasy IV GBA

The Holy Grail of RPG.

Why have I not bought it yet?? SACRILEGE!

Anyway checked out amazon.com and I think it may be a couple dollars cheaper there..... who knows.

Also need to check if I already have Final Fantasy Chronicles. I think I have, but I shan't risk not having it.. so I may just buy it!!

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