Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where Did All The Time Go?

Oh yes, I have forgotten once again about my blog. In fact, I'm only back here today cos someone actually msned me about the lack of updates on my blog.

The reasons for the lack of update is as follows:

1) I plurk / twitter / FB too much :P

2) I'm lazy

3) My life is boring

4) I would just whine on here anyway.

Anyways, I've finally finished the academic portion of my Advanced Diploma course. We're onto the attachment portion which I absolutely detest. I have to get through it though or else I can't graduate. The best part was that my lecturer had told me on monday that she hadn't gotten the approval from the hospital that I was supposed to go to for my OJT, to let me get my OJT completed there. Why do I have this problem? Cos I do not belong to any hospital and so the school has to find one for me to go to.

Given that it took the school 4 weeks to tell me to write a letter in to request for leave to attend SIM exams..... this might be a bit of a challenge to pull off. Then again this is to their detriment if they don't get it done right so I think at the end of the day it'd be ok. I was first told that I would be going to this hospital for OJT about 3 or 4 months ago.

Although I am now done with exams for my advanced diploma, I still have my SIM exams to go for and I think I'm in super big trouble this time. It's been so long since I last attended lessons... I can be prepared to fail...

Anyway for the rest of the year I think it will be really packed. There are so many courses that I want to take. French (cos I hate not being able to pronounce French words), maybe erhu again, maybe piano, possibly vocal lessons (if I have the money), makeup. Argh... too many things and not quite enough money.

Oh and I haven't got my 2B down yet. Had pain in my hands so took a bit of time off 2B lessons and then got lazy cos school was a pain. My RTT is expiring soon.. so I guess next time I will only take RTT when I need to, instead of before.

Well, that's about it for now I guess. I still need to get my uniform rinsed up and wake up in time for AM shift tomorrow.

I hate attachment :(

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