Sunday, November 28, 2004


Yay! I have reached Recruit status in the Cooking and Fishing Guilds! ^.^ Haha!! You guys probably saying "Big Deal!!" right about now eh?

Well, been fishing up Sardines in Port Windurst. I was leveling my cooking with Orange Juice. BIG mistake. It costs at least 142 gil to make one bottle of Orange Juice that sells for 54 gil to the Guild and 100 gil in AH. Big loss. And that does NOT include cost of crystals. Sigh.

Therefore I have gone on to fishing for Sardines and making Sliced Sardines out of my catches. I lost a lot of catches with my Composite Rod due to the catches being too small for my rod, it made me up and buy a Fastwater Rod. Moat Carp fishing is lousy in Windurst Woods, so don't even bother, ok? Save your time for other stuff.

So when I hit level 8 in cooking, I was asked to make a Salmon Sub sandwich, which I delayed for a couple of days (lazy me), I went fishing till I got Level 8 fising and I was supposed to turn in a Most Carp for the test. ^.^ That made me a Fishing Guild Recruit!

After that I checked out the prices of ingredients for the Salmon Sub Sandwich. Total is about 540 gil (excludes crystal). Can you believe the Sandwich costs 2068 in the Guild and 1300 in AH?? Crazy. I'd rather buy the ingredients, get Imagery Support, make my own and take my chances. So after I was accepted as a Recruit of the Culinarian's Guild, I crafted Selbina Butter (failed LOTS in the beginning till I was quite upset) which brought me up from Level 11 - 14. ^.^

Ah. Happiness. I am reaching my GOal surely but steadily. Have not decided which craft to specialise in yet, but maybe I will be going into cooking. It just kinda appeals to me you know?

RDM 25
WHM 18

Cooking 14
Fishing 8
Leathercraft 1
Clothcraft 1

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Fishing in Vana'diel

Saosague made me buy a Composite fishing rod, it cost me 8.3K >.< but it saved me all the runs to buy Bamboo fishing rods. However, I DO believe that you can skill up on Bamboo fishing rods faster than using composite, so I guess it's whether you want money or skill ups.

Had a great day fishing today ^.^. Man! New moons are GREAT for fishing! Yesterday I only caught 2 crayfish and hardly any bites at all! Broke 1 Yew and 2 Bamboo, that's why Saosague made me buy the Composite. Anyway today I had lots of bites! Practically every cast got a bite but initially I kept losing my catch. It wasn't till I got to level 4 fishing skill that I started reeling in the fish! Then I started to get "The fish is too small for the rod" messages too... darn.

Also, managed to get myself a screen capture software so I expect to be able to make more screen shots easily! Yay me!

In total for this 2 days of fishing I broke 1 yew (gobbie loot), 4 bamboo (523gil/rod), bought like 12 stacks of little worms (36gil/stack) and 1 Composite (8.3K). Sold 2 stacks of Moat Carps (4K/stack), so I am still in the red on fishing. Hmm. I better keep an tab on my expenses to see when I start to break even >.< I really want to move on to Cooking soon. Those pies and juices are calling me!

Fishing 5
Cooking 3
Clothcraft 1
Leathercraft 1

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Singapore Idol
Final 3 Results

It is confirmed. Olinda has been ELIMINATED! Hmmm starting to sound like TAR here.. ooops! Anyway, Taufik was the first to be announced as safe. The it was down to a suspenseful wait between Olinda and Sylvester. However, the rest of us already know that it's tough for Olinda to beat Sylvester right?? Groupie Power is not to be underestimated.

Olinda has been doing well, but she needs to put more feelings in her performance, at the moment, she is singing, not performing. As for Sylvester, well........................

Who is going to win the 1st Singapore Idol title? Taufik? Sylvester? Don't guess too fast! Don't forget Sylvester's Groupie Power! He just might pull yet another Groupie bunny out of his hat :)

Grand Finals are on 1st December.


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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Singapore Idol Spectaculars


Powerful performance as usual. However she always makes me feel that she is not really into the performance. She will probably make it into the next round *based on performance* but no guarantees cos we got the Sylvester groupies to deal with.

Da Man! Da Bomb!! Taufik RULEZ! Haha!! Abit over the top there, but that's what his 3 performances tonight are! Pretty good stuff. I was impressed by his 2nd performance, (even though the judges said it had pitching problems but they agreed it was great) cos he sounded quite different from what he normally did! That's impressive! Pitching problems inclusive, it was still a great performance :)

What can I say? He seriously disappointed me. Not that I had hopes for him anyway. Why did I say disappoint? I missed the part where they introduced his first song, so I was plenty surprised when the music intro played. "What??!! No!! Sylvester singing 'Phantom of the Opera!?' "

I was quite happy cos I thought it was a new side of him I might be impressed wiith. NOT! By the third line I wanted to run away already!! However, I hope this does not make him dislike musical songs. They are so powerful ok! I can't put my finger on his problem in that song, but it's probably cos he didn't really feel the song or understand the song.

**Taufik gets my vote**

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I'm a lucky Elvaan! Today I got invited to a party in Qufim Island. Once I got in, one of the pary members 'checked' me. Told me my MP was really lousy for a RDM/WHM (Yes I admit it. I need MP gear but am too poor). The best part is... she gave me gil to upgrade my gear!! ^.^ Whoo am I going to rock or am I going to ROCK?!

Can't wait to see what my maxed out MP is going to be.

Also thinking that Elvaans should make great Paladins, cos we get so much more hP, but less MP. Paladins need more HP than MP. Perhaps when I max out my RDM and WHM, I'll get to Paladin :)


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Ah, Time to do a brief update. Been on leave forever! Like the feeling heh! Not to mention that I spend all day playing FF, but not very constructive there though. I've only got my WHM up to 18 and now my RDM is up to 21. Still way way far away from my mentor Saosague ^.^ I didn't know he even had a job that is like in the 20s. Anyway, this is my character at the moment.

This is me in my Rent-a-room Mog House in Jueno. See my cute Moogle? Kupo! ^.^

Oh yes, if there is a way to take multiple pictures with the Print Screen function, please teach me! Now I can only take one shot per session >.<

Altheya (Quetzalcoatl)
RDM 21
WHM 18
Crafting too low to post ^.^

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Went for BDC selection today. Barely managed to scrpe through all 3 evolutions. Darn. I wonder if I will make it into the course. I hate tower jumps ever since the days of the 5M jumps in INTO. I used to be enthusiastic about the jumps, but the INTO 5M tower is just so scary. However, today it was better than having to do the 5M jump in INTO. Unfortunately, I was pushed off the tower.. so embarassing. They probably felt I was taking up too much time lol!

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

This week on Singapore Idol

Only 5 contestants left at this stage in the competition. Who will make
it all the way? Tonight, everyone gets to perform 2 songs. The theme for
tonight was R&B and Soul. My first thought when I saw this was, Taufik's
gonna shine shine shine!!

Below are my thoughts on the various Idol contenders. Opinions are my
own only.

*This is really his night, Prince of R&B / Soul is Taufik! He pulled off
2 great performances, and looked really comfortable all the time. This
is after several weeks of consistent performances across various genres.
What can I say? Taufik, You're da man! Well, at least for this week. Oh
yes, and I must say you've got a new convert this week! One of my
friends who's always screaming for sylvester is impressed by you man!

Last week I mentioned that she had almost gotten out of the Mickey Mouse
Club, but now, her pitchy voice is back again. Not as bad as before, but
still.... I know what the judges say about her voice being unique and
all that, but hey, I just don't dig it, ok? Not to mention the fact that
the judges also commented on her pitchy voice and that her uniqueness
may become her downfall.

Not as bad as I imagined, so in my opinion, it was pretty good. I
imagined him doing a rock version of R&B and Soul. (Alright, alright, I
discriminate) Well, the performance was not that rock biased, but felt
it was pretty flat. He was flat last week too, but apparently the judges
loved that. Oh well.

Hmm... She wowed the judges this week. She wowed some of my friends this
week too. Most comments were on her second song, which most said she did
very well. Will she come back next week? Got to check in tomorrow yeah?

Oh. Olinda again. Yup. That's it. Powerful voice. Flair for performance.
I ain't got nothing much to say cos she ain't got anything new to talk

That's it in a nutshell.

I hesitate to predict the results, cos I alway predict the wrong
results. Anyway been hearing word that tomorrow may be a contest between
Leandra and Sylvester. Who knows? See you guys tomorrow night!

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Came across this really neat MTV that I would like to share with everyone.

It's from Sarah McLachlan and the song is entitled World on Fire. Please, please do take a few minutes to look at the MTV. Call me silly but it brought tears to my eyes. I'm such a stickler for such stuff you know?


World On Fire - Sarah McLachlan

Hearts are worn in these dark ages
You're not alone in this story's pages
Night has fallen amongst the living and the dying
And I try to hold it in, yeah I try to hold it in

The world's on fire and
It's more than I can handle
I'll tap into the water
(I try to pull my ship)
I try to bring more
More than I can handle
(Bring it to the table)
Bring what I am able

I watch the heavens and I find a calling
Something I can do to change this moment
Stay close to me while the sky is falling
Don't wanna be left alone, don't wanna be alone


Hearts break, hearts mend
Love still hurts
Visions clash, planes crash
Still there's talk of
Saving souls, still the cold
Is closing in on us

We part the veil on our killer sun
Stray from the straight line on this short run
The more we take, the less we become
A fortune of one that means less for some

[Chorus X2]

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