Sunday, January 30, 2005

Month-in-One Post

I have decided to just condense the entire month into this post. What have I been up to this month?


1) Still playing Final Fantasy XI.
Currently at RDM35, in a rout where I can't seem to get parties (My god! An RDM who can't find a PARTY! Am I doing something wrong??) I have also acquired a Morion Tathlum, Dispel, already have Refresh for 41, missed out on buying Phalanx for 70k gil cos i was undecided and waiting for stoneskin to be sold in San d'Oria so I can buy it for less then AH prices.

I have also unlocked Summoner, Bard, Ranger,Ninja and Beastmaster. Some kind soul gave me Earth, Water and Fire spirits for my SMN :) I'll have to wait for people to help me with the Dragon fight to unlock Dragoon, but I'll try to solo Paladin and Samurai. Dark Knight is absolutely soloable.

Cooking is still at 42, Fishing is now 14. Yay! Can't wait to get my RDM up to a high enough level to do BCNMs, Ballista and all that crap ^.^ oh yes, and i so want to try BCNM20 (Wings of Fury) cos it drops ASTRALS!

2)Photography in High Gear
Been participating in some photoshoots for 'My Huay Lady: The Musical' . It is a good learning experiance as I have never taken photos under stage lighting conditions before. I have never used flash photography so much either, so it is indeed a good practical experience. I made a lot of mistakes, but what is important is that I am able to correct them (I am not meaning that I have corrected them!!) At least I now know what issues to expect for this kind of photography.

Also shadowed my friend for a Dinner and Dance photo assignment tonight, can you believe it but I forgot to bring my flash!! Quite unforgiveable...... luckily my friend was not that upset (I think) Still, it is unforgiveable. Had to manage with the D70 built-in flash and I think I look so noob. Hmm. On second thoughts, I AM noob.

Well, that's the month in summary. Hope to update you again soon, not in a month. :)

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