Monday, June 30, 2008


My newest time wasting activity on the internet.


Just go over and take a look. Beats me trying to explain.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

You Can Check-out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave!

I cancelled my Citibank account in late april and I have just received a letter from them for a late charge for the May payments. Apparently, they can still charge recurring charges to your cancelled accounts.

So.. yeah, I'm feeling like I'm in Hotel California right now...

On another note, got a friend who is quitting her job, and another who's been enjoying 6 months of joblessness by choice. Envy. Seriously need a long break.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I request the Cone of Silence!

So I've been looking forward to this movie for quite some time. Somehow I feel that this movie was a little under the radar, especially since it is coming out together with Narnia: Prince Caspian and The Incredible Hulk. Probably just my mistaken impression.

After watching it last night, I am convinced that if it was a sleeper movie, it is now indeed a sleeper hit!

For anyone who has ever watched the original Get Smart series, this is a must watch! You either watch it or you kick yourself in the arse for antiquity.

Great casting, reminiscent of the original cast, Maxwell Smart and 99 even sound like they used to! Wonder if there was any audio tweaking lol.

All the classic antics of Maxwell Smart comes alive again on the big screen and I must say it was pulled off pretty well.

I had told my friend, before the movie, that I would be very disappointed if Max did not have his classic shoe phone. I don't know how they are going to work it into the movie seeing as nowadays mobile phones are so much more discreet than your right shoe.... but I just wanted to have that!

And what do you know, they didn't disappoint me!

Let's just leave it at that, and you should just go and watch the show.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Hulk Smash!

Watched the Incredible Hulk tonight with my friend.

Not too bad, I'd say. Was kinda worried it'd be a flop, but overall I think it was done pretty well. All the stuff that people who watch these shows expect. Boom boom action etc. Movie was paced pretty well. Just enough emotional scenes without going overboard, afterall we're talking about the Hulk here, not some casanova.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Diploma Cannot. "O' Level Cert Please.

I've run into a most amusing situation today. Supposed to be attending a course conducted at the NTUC Learning Hub, and they wish to see my 'O' Level certification for verification. For what I don't know, maybe to make sure that you have studied before and you know how to attend classes.

That's a tad challenging. I haven't seen that one for years. Anyway, my colleague manages to go home and get his 'O' Level cert (He has a freaking MBBS and he has to use 'O' Level cert LMAO) and he gets told that he could just submit his highest qualifications (or so I heard).

Well, that's fine and dandy I thought, I could just walk over and get a copy of my qualification from my HR side. So I did just that and faxed it over to the person on our side liaising with NTUC Learning Hub. My colleague got a call soon after saying that my Diploma was not acceptable for verification and that they insisted on my 'O' Level certification.




I know a Diploma is not like a Degree but this is going a tad far ain't it? I've never been so insulted as a Poly Grad in my entire life, I tell you. Apparently the reason given was that they wish to know the scores for subjects like English, Maths and Physic etc.

I'm like, have these people never heard of something called entry requirement to a Tertiary Institution?? What wonderful 'O' level results do they expect for a 3 day course, that it will be in excess of the requirements as set by a local, MOE recognised Polytechnic??

I'm so miffed.

I'm from Poly and I'm freaking proud of it ok!!!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vouchers, Anyone?

Well, I've always been receiving vouchers that I have no use for and I thought that maybe I"d just list them up here for anyone who might want them.

These are usually (like 99.999%) credit card vouchers so you usually (like 99.999999999999999999%) have to have the corresponding credit card before you are able to utilise the vouchers. However do let me know if you are interested in them. I'll mail them to you or something. First come first served (if anyone even wants...).

1) Playasia.com: USD5 discount code.
Minimum product value of USD50 before you can apply this code.
I will email the code to you.
Valid till 24th July.

2) OCBC Credit Cards: Ding Tai Fung Complimentary Taiwan Beer Voucher (1 pair).
Minimum spend $50. Max of 1 complimentary bottle and second bottle at 50% off per table, per bill.
Valid till 30th June, so I will send 1 voucher to the first two interested people.

3) UOB One Card Platinum: 1 month free VIP membership to any california fitness club.
Includes unlimited access to Group X classes and an In-Body Analysis.
Terms and conditions does not say you have to have UOB card to use this voucher, but I don't really know.
Valid till 31st March 2009.

4) UOB One Card Platinum: Free DLO Leather Case with purchase of iPod nano (8GB)
Leather case worth $59.
Must pay with UOB One Card Platinum.
Valid till 31st March 2009.

5) UOB One Card Platinum: Haagen Dazs 20% off any cake with purchase of ice cream creation.
Must pay with UOB One Card Platinum.
Valid till 31st March 2009.

6) UOB One Card Platinum" Complimentary Signature Drink at Lerk Thai.
Must pay with UOB One Card Platinum.
Valid till 31st March 2009.

7) UOB One Card Platinum: 1-for-1 dessert at Piper's Pies.
Must pay with UOB One Card Platinum.
Valid till 31st March 2009.

8) UOB One Card Platinum: Polar Puffs and Cake 10% off regular cakes.
Must pay with UOB One Card Platinum.
Valid till 31st March 2009.

9) UOB One Card Platinum: Polar Puffs and Cake 15% off large cakes.
Must pay with UOB One Card Platinum.
Valid till 31st March 2009.

10) UOB One Card Platinum: Spaggedies 1-for-1 Main Course.
Must pay with UOB One Card Platinum.
Must order One Mama's Specialties / Chef's recommendation to enjoy one complimentary main course from selected Pasta abd Sphaghetti sections. Max 3 redemptions per table.
Not apllicable on eve of PH, on PH, sat, sun and friday after 5 PM.
(Very kana sai voucher)
Valid till 31st March 2009.

11) UOB One Card Platinum: St James Power Station
20% off all housepour liquor, premium liquor, wine and champagne.
Not applicable during Happy Hours and on Promotional Items.
No further discount with St James membership cards.
Voucher does not permit free entry to clubs.
Must pay with UOB One Card Platinum.
Valid till 31st March 2009.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Kung Fu Panda


Watched Kung Fu Panda and Narnia: Prince Caspian today. Back to back lol, we barely had time to top up munchies before we had to go to the next show.

Watched Kung Fu Panda first. I must say that when the initial trailers came out, I was not very impressed. I'm glad I went to watch this. It's funny. No doubt it's a movie for the kids but adults will enjoy it as well. Simple story about discovering oneself.

How you get from a big fat panda to a martial hero? From a noodle seller to an expert in martial arts? Panda knows how.

Rating (Max 10):PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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Narnia: Prince Caspian

Definitely a movie I've been wanting to watch... but somehow it seems to be less epic..... if you know what I mean. It was still a pretty good movie probably because anyone with xx genome can tell ya, Prince Caspian definitely looks yummy.

I personally think the little touches here and there added to show Caspian's attraction to Susan was rather sweet, like when Susan barges right next to him and Peter to prepare for the fight, he turns back and looks at her. How sweet.

Other than that, I dunno, alot of fighting but it really didn't seem like this movie was on a even footing with the first installment. I have never read Narnia but I seriously wasn't expecting a scene with trees joining in the fight... ala LOTR Ents.

I probably missed some dialogue here and there, cos I don't remember Aslan telling Peter and Susan they won't be coming back to Narnia, but Susan tells Caspian just that.

Another thing that I don't get is how they have their armour nicely stowed in the chest at Cair Paravel when in the first movie, they seemed to return to London by chancing upon the wardrobe entrance in the forest...... Maybe it's magic lol.

Overall, the movie was worth watching, though I guess probably more worth watching for the Narnia fans or girls (Caspian lol)

Rating (Max 10):

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Let's Agree to Disagree

You know, sometimes I am amazed with my friends.

I mean, like just today, I was with my friend cos we take the same Korean class. Unfortunately over dinner, I happened to mentioned something she said a very long time ago. Basically she said that we would all have to share bottles and cups during BMT so we should start sharing them before. In the end, during my BMT, we didn't have to share utensils, which was good for me.

So she got into this mood where she insisted on getting me to give her an answer of what I would do if I had no choice but to eat something that someone else had taken a bite out of. Nope, biting on an unbitten side is not applicable and there is only that one piece for everyone. She asked if I would rather not eat, and I said I will have to say that I would rather not eat it. She went on to tell me that I was being selfish to my parents by starving myself to death.

And eating first is not an option either, because that is also being selfish. Reason being I'm giving others my germs instead of getting germs from others.

I'm like, why do we even have to be discussing such a hypothetical situation anyway. The scenario is very artificial and it is very difficult for me to imagine I'm starving to death, when in fact I'm stuffed to my gills with baked rice. It is then not possible for me to make a decision based on starving to death...

The winner is here... I got a tummy ache and I had to go to the loo. My friend also wanted to go to the loo... and insisted on continuing the discussion in the loo. -.- . I usually am unable to make life changing philosophical decisions while taking a dump. Give a person a break in the loo please?

My friend got so ticked in the loo, insisting that I was non receptive to other people, saying no to her statements. I thought to myself..... but.. she asked for MY opinion... and she rejected every single answer. I'm not quite sure who's non receptive here...

Oh well.

I guess that's why we're friends. Cos we're both obnoxious. Hahaa!!

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