Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekends Getting Filled Up!

I'm getting a pseudo life! My weekends are getting somewhat filled up :P and I can actually write stuff in a planner!

Yeah I know I'm quite the loser. So anyways, the major highlight of last weekend was The Illusionists. Quite a good show. And we went over to OverEasy after the show.. I say that was a pretty nice chill out place.

Went for Japanese Buffet at Momiji (City Square Mall) yesterday but I felt that the selection was only ok. Probably around 40 items to choose from in total? After that we went to Chevrons and had dinner in IMM.

Today, I had Dim Sum buffet breakfast with a friend. Not gonna go back there again since the food there is not comparable to what I can get at other places in the area. Then after chilling out at CBTL, went to do a Spa Mani with Nail Sparkles.

I saw the menu for the Spa Mani and it was $40 for shaping, cuticle cleaning, scrub, moisturiser, mask or paraffin wax and polish. So I decided to give it a try. During the process, I was quite happy when she was nipping the excess cuticles, but after getting everything done.. I was quite disappointed.

Fist off, I always thought that nail soaks are standard.. especially for Spa Manis. Maybe there is a reason not to get the nails soaked... I don't know.. but anyway there was no soaking done. I didn't get a scrub which was listed. I didn't want to apply colour so I can understand that the session would be completed faster, but I was surprised that it all lasted possibly 45 mins. So all in, the $40 was a very expensive try at Nail Sparkles. I could have gotten a Spa Mani done at Juup for the same price! I've once done a Classic Mani at Ladyfinger that was better than this Spa.

Anyway, next week is a busy week too!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Vacation Planning. Seriouz Biznez.

One of my friends had asked two other mutual friends and myself to go to Japan next year. Still, I have to consider my vacation plans for this year!

I had been thinking about making it to Europe this year.. but I think that might be a little tough on the wallet. If I don't go this year, I might not go next year as I will be going to Japan with my friends.

Yet, I do not know where I want t go this year. Japan looks like a good idea... Korea is a maybe.. Hong Kong is attractive as the airfares are affordable... Urgh! I am looking at the period just after National Day to Hari Raya.... Yet that might be a little bit of a problem because I might still have lessons at Uni.... Hmmmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Mini Spa Frenzy

I'm currently on this mini "I want to go spa" frenzy. Well, if you are thinking of those full body spas.... not quite. I'm referring to more along the lines of a nail spa or a facial spa.

Long long ago, my friend dragged me down to this nail spa in Mohammad Sultan. It was absolutely indulgent as it's name (Indulge) suggests. Unfortunately, that place has long closed down. maybe they were a bit too indulgent for business sense? Back then a $50 mani / pedi session had us sitting there for at least 2 hours (IIRC). They really spent time letting you soak your hands and feet and dry your nail colour! Thus when I went to someplace else, I was unaccustomed to the process where I was asked to sit at some corner to dry my nails and I could leave after 20 mins of drying.

To this day, I look forward to finding someplace with a good spa mani / pedi. I'm on the hunt now!

Tried Juup nails yesterday. They have three types of Spa Mani / Pedi and I tried the cheapest spa pedicure yesterday. I will definitely go back to try the other two. What I like about that place:

1) Comfortable
2) No hardsell (they do let you know about their package but they don't push)
3) Tea and chocolates!
4) The Nail tech was gentle (maybe too gentle lol)
5) A veritable list of services to choose from, I love options!

I also chanced upon Plush in 313 Somerset yesterday. I guess I will give them a visit soon!

I also want to try the Green Sanctuary by The Body Shop :P

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Start of School. Again. :(

I'm really struggling in school now. It's like my mind is telling me to give up but my heart says Just .. hold on a bit more. I guess I should at least give myself this one more semester... I've always like languages but never the technical portions of it, so it's quite tough right now. Also, getting to school now after work is quite a challenge. I went to pick up some books on Tuesday evening and I had to miss 2 Service 74 at Dover before I could get on a bus. Good thing was that I managed to get a seat on the third one. Was almost late for materials collection.

Not sure how I'm going to survive through the semester with this kind of crowd.. but I guess that is to be expected with the 55% government subsidy given to UniSIM students.

Need to plan my leave for this year, figure out what other courses I wish to take up.. and it's already February but I have yet to get some stuff in motion. Need to decide on where to go overseas for this year. I'm considering like Hong Kong or something. Korea is a mild possibility. Intend to go Penang for eats. I'm just such a travelbug with no money.

First day of New Year my cousin got admitted into hospital. She was discharged about 5 days later and she has just gone in again on the tenth day of New Year. Hope she gets discharged soon. KTPH is refusing to recognise her status on social welfare. KKWCH is willing to recognise it although she hasn't gotten her new card for February 2012 onwards (the KTPH admission was in January when the old card was still valid). I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the KTPH Patient Care Assistant just randomly asked me to go in for admissions procedures without telling us it was for admissions purposes. My mum is worried that will cost my cousin her social welfare status because as we all know, no one can afford to get sick in Singapore.

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