Tuesday, August 23, 2011

High Key Every Day

It's been just over a month since I started classes in full swing. It's tiring no doubt. From my work place to my class venues.... I really have to leave my work place by 1720 or else I would be ridiculously late.

Dinner is usually a quick grab of something. On Mondays and Wednesday, it is likely to be something from 7-11. Tuesday is more humane, I get to sit down at the canteen for 15 mins to eat chicken rice. The same routine on Thursday gets me late for class but I have not much choice.

I was headed for practice last Friday when I had the time to sit down to dinner at Ajisen Ramen and I really had a good thought about how cool it was that I finally had time to sit down and have food that I didn't need to shovel down.

The weeks been passing me by in such a way that I lose track of schedules. I just need to hang on till November and all this will settle down!! However, November will be the Big Storm before the Calm.

The weekend of 3rd and 4th September is gonna be such a busy one. Got two shows to watch and one to put up.

Also been getting in touch with friend that are over a decade old. Haiz, now I really feel old since I have lots of people that I know for over a decade.

Other stuff that I still have planned: Erhu Lessons (maybe), Beginner French (Confirm, just waiting for time), Vocal Lessons (Waiting for time and $$), Piano lessons (maybe)

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