Saturday, September 18, 2010

After the First Term

So the first term had just ended last week. I have to say that I really could work harder, as in I don't spend that much time revising my texts.

Met up with my classmates two weekends ago to discuss an assignment. I think that was the first time in my life that I actually went out of school compounds for a discussion. And probably the first time I looked forward to a discussion lol.

The one thing I have with the assignments is that some assignments are due before the face to face session for all the units required in that assignment is completed. I know it's all adult learning and all, but I still find it kind of odd. The only way that I can see to work around this is really to start working on your assignment way before the sessions and start spamming the tutor through email.

It's also hard when some of the modules are based in stuff that I don't have a foundation in and I find the concepts abstract. Seriously, I need to throw in some severely heavy work if I'm looking to be able to read and analyse Chinese texts. In 6 weeks. Haiz. I guess just gotta have to make it work.

So for this semester, the modules I am doing includes the following:
Chinese Reading and Comprehension
Chinese Writing
Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
Understanding English Grammar

I have already finished the seminars for Chinese Reading and Comprehension (It's tough. Abstract. I have not much clue how to answer the questions) and Understanding English Grammar (I was never good in grammar). I'm still working on those two and I have two more modules worth of seminars coming up. It's all looking like a Uno Stacko tower!!

Can one, can one. Can do it one. Haiz.

Just had the seminar for Introduction to Chinese Linguistics last night. Seems quite interesting at them moment and my ego got stoked because I always disturbed my friends with the following line. I speak 广东话 (guangdong hua) but I don't speak Cantonese."

Many just go WTH. It's the SAME.

Actually, it's really not. I speak Teochew and Teochew can also be considered a form of 广东话 (guangdong hua) and my attention seeking ego was so glad that my definition is linguistically correct!

Next will be the NYP Adv Dip. I do not know whether they will be offering me a spot until the end of this month but I don't think I really care about it anymore. It is extremely aggravating. I will not understand how anyone things offering spots three weeks before a 8 month full time course commences is actually a workable idea, but I guess I might have some erroneous concepts of society and they way it runs. I should have thought that when the registration closes in mid August, the course offer can be made by early to mid September.

Then again I had also thought that the course commencement date can be set before the registration opened in early August. Obviously, it was unreasonable for me to expect that.

Well, if they don't offer me the course, I guess it's also better cos I hate having to find a surety so that I can go for a course. Not to mention I need two. Grrr.

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