Monday, April 30, 2007

Macdonald's = Slow Food?

Is it just the Mac's outlet that I am going to or is it that Mac is getting out of the fast food business?

The queue is long (well, it's ok cos Mac is popular) and after we queue to give our order..... we have to shift to another queue to collect our order. They actually cut down counters for this purpose. They've also recently added some "Shift to your left for your order" stickers on the counter.....

I noticed that they no longer have a shelf where they stock up the burgers. Perhaps that is why the wait time is longer. They moving towards Mos style of service where the burger is only made after it is ordered?

Additionally, they do not consistently ask if you wish to upsize (GASP!) nor do they consistently check if you are a member. Hmm. HMMMMM. I want those points so that I can get a free pack of fries for every year of Mac consumption!

I dunno.. service is kinda bleh and it's crowded and all that. Poopies.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things.

Behold. My favourite game and my favourite movie.

I told you that Tarutarus are evil.

'nuff said.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dance, Dance, Dance

Well, I have been watching a couple episodes of The Dance Floor whenever I remember. I am no dance afficionado or what not. I know nuts about dance except that I think I hate contemporary dance ( if I could figure out what it is anyway). The only dance I ever pay to watch is Ballet and even then it is only those performances where I already know and like the story.

Anyway, each week, The Dance Floor has a different genre of dance. The judges then judge. Yadda yadda. For example, today's genre was Ballroom. Amidst all the judge talk, I got to thinking about this when the judges were talking about Platinum's performance.

When Platinum was performning, I was going :"What the heck is that dance which they are doing? It doesn't look at the least Ballroom to me"

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Then again, I remembered that I'm no dance fan. The dance looked kinda... I dunno... popular genre? George liked it (he says that they are creative). Gladys doesn't like it (She asks them what dance they were doing. They replied Mixture Cha Cha, upon whic she firmly stated that there was no CHa Cha at all in the routine). Li Lin doesn't like it (She agrees with Gladys). Bill likes it (he says there is a little cha cha in the dance.

So, I got to thinking... if a layman can't tell what they are danceing, even approximately, are they considered good? Especially in this sort of competition. They've got techniques, sure, but do I seriously need advanced dance training to understand what they are doing?

I could tell what 4 of the other groups were dancing, at least approximately, if not accurately: Vas & Pris (Classic Ballroom? I dunno the proper term), Fantastic Four (Samba!), Soul Fusion (Salsa), Melvin and Sharon (Flamenco ish? Somewhere there)

JDI ... strutters? Ooh, it's Tango. Platinum... er... er... I dunno. Seriously.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Clashes and Clutter

That title just popped into my head. So many things I want to talk about, but it is not appropriate to post here as I promised myself that I would cease direct references to such incidents. What to do, what to do? I guess I will just let my fingers move across the keyboard as my mind wanders. Ranting is a good way to rationalise things, I find. After you rant, you find that some of the stuff that you were so concerned about were just so darn stupid and inconsequential. However, ranting should be conducted safely. It can have unwanted repercussions if you do not take proper care. Call it a hazard if you will.

In other news today, the Civil Service pay revision debate has concluded. I guess everyone in the civil service should rejoice. I can't really be bothered to detail the pay revision here.. you can go and read up about it in the tonnes of posts and sites that will / have already popped up with regards to this topic. Will I see a difference? I guess we will find out when the pay slips starts to show different numbers bah?

Neh heh! I guess I should take my own advice bah. Don't be so stressed, will make everyone else stressed too and that's not healthy! Oh, by the way, I'm hardly ever stressed over tasks at work. I'm not such a goal oriented person. In fact, I'm probably the worst person you should entrust with datelines lol! There is no such thing as a dateline that cannot be busted! Except Pay Day. Now that is the Holy Grail of datelines. Untouchable. No. No and No.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

He's There... The Phantom of The Opera.....

Yeps, I went to watch the Phantom of the Opera with my friend. It's the second time I have watched it. The first time, it was staged in the Kallang Theatre. It may just be me hallucinating but I could have sworn that chandelier that many years ago was way prettier. It would be hilarious if it turned out to be the same chandelier though.

I chose to watch it on Good Friday simply because it's unlikely that work would come calling. We've already gone back to work on CNY before but I doubt they would do similar on Good Friday.

As is the nature of the Phantom of the Opera.. Christine sings with an operatic style (some Christines' more than others) and this particular Christine was rather operatic, some of the time I could not tell what exactly she was singing. I knew what she was singing only because I know the song lol.

I don't have much to gripe about, except that I guess the amount of money you pay for a performance is directly proportional to the 'commitment' you give to the show. In the first half, my friend's 'neighbour' was simply busy on the phone. In the second half, the neighbour changed but now she keeps SMSing.

Can't we just sit down and enjoy a performance? The handphone is very very disturbing during a performance. It is downright rude to the performers as well. I can accept an occasional SMS or interruption , but not all the time.

Other than that, we had some rather excitable teenagers seated near us. Can't be helped as those were the seats that they could afford. At least they did keep quiet enough.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

All Ready To Go!

Gonna go pick up my Airticket these couple of days. Was a bit of a last minute scramble to get the tickets (that's usual for me anyway) cos of a few reasons.

First, gotta wait for people to confirm whether they are going or not. We did set a rather early dateline on this though. Then, I had to get my leave approved, THAT took forever. And when that was done.... one of the 3 of us going could not go cos she was found to be pregnant (hooray at that time but she has since miscarried *comfort*) So I would have to either fly alone or with another person that I do not want to fly with.

Spent some time contemplating how to resolve this situation and decided that I simply had to get it done. Turns out the other person wants to do individual ticketing and hotel booking (problem solved). Although he subsequently did call me again to ask me if I had booked my ticket and room. Told him that I did.

Now the thing is, none of the flights I wanted has seats so I had to start calling agencies and THAT is NONSENSE. Take forever to get a human to talk to you. Anyway, managed to get a seat on Garuda. It costs $339 (taxes included) and beats Jetstar by alot ($411) !

Gonna go pick up the ticket. Change money. Need USD and Rupiah. And I must rememebr to keep RP 100k for airport taxes at Denpasar.

Next... where in China should I go in July?

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Free In Home Wireless Offering by Google!!

Oh my god, life has never been so good! Check this out!

Free In Home Wireless by Google

Google is so cool!

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