Friday, December 30, 2005

Papa India Sierra Sierra Echo Delta (PISSED)

I have just received a reply from NEA (with regards to the guy that embarrassed my mum while serving her a Notice to Quit -NTQ), and boy am I hopping mad!!!

I'll just post some key phrases.

"When serving the NTQ, our EHO explained to your mother that she was owing rent and also advised her to make payment of the rent by the end of Dec 2005. He does not recall embarrassing your mother in front of other stallholders or customers"

This guy very good memory hor, or very good EQ.

"Moreover, he noted that your mother accepted the NTQ without any comment and had countersigned on the copy."

Or else what? Don't accept the NTQ? Don't sign??

"She was in a good mood and did not appear to be upset."

According to which psychiatrist?

Of course they say they told the EHO to exercise more caution and sensitivity... but their reply tells me they don;t believe the problem existed. SQC certified somemore. Huh.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Independence {Do you have it?}

I am really getting tired of people 'lompang'ing things in my pocket, bag etc.

YOU= is used arbitrarily in the following rant. Does not mean YOU the reader, unless you did it to me but the person who did it does not read my blog... so there!

If you want to bring something along, you jolly well figure out how to carry it ALL THE TIME. Why do I have to carry it for you? I have an empty pocket for you to put things because I HATE TO HAVE BULKY STUFF IN IT, not cos I want you to make it UNempty ok. You know how bloody uncomfortable it is or not?

If it's something really small, I still don't mind... but... anyway it's not that small. /fume.

You take care of your stuff and I'll take care of mine.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

相 煎 何 太 急?

I suddenly got to thinking about how the following poem (can I call it a poem? Please enlighten me) is so apt for certain political issues in the workplace....

曹 植

煮 豆 燃 豆 萁,

豆 在 釜 中 泣。

本 是 同 根 生,

相 煎 何 太 急?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Troubles and a short fuse.

Don't really want to elaborate (though I was writing a really nice long BLOG entry before I scrapped the idea) but these days I think my temper is getting worse. I don't think I want post it all cos then it'll be worse then Xiaxue's.

Mostly a mixture of problems with my mum's injury, the financial arrangements with the various agencies (NEA, Town Council) screwing up, among other things like tonnes of stuff to do at work (read: audit). Just so much sh*t going on nowadays.


**Don't tread on me. You have been warned.**

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Panda's Challenge

My batchboy sent me something nice to watch. Now, I had to solve the following problems before I could watch it:

1) My monitor is not working well so I can't watch it properly.
2) My iBook does not support the format
3) I hate Real Player and don't want it on my PC

Lucky Streak 1) I recently downloaded some codec cos I wanted to watch an FF OVA. I still could not watch the FF OVA..... but I finally can watch what my batchboy sent me.. muahahahahah.

Anyway, I watched it on my crazy monitor.... It's definitely a good watch!! Seriously thought provoking and tear jerker (hate you for that part) Thanks mike!

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Check This Out!

Ok, this is something probably only I am interested in. SquareEnix has come up with a product called "Potion" heheh. You can really drink it. I am in fact looking forward to this product being launched. Bet it costs an arm, a leg and your nose though.

Final Fantasy XII Potion

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Pianist without the M-16

Yay! Another Hippy Blogger topic.

So much has gone on with this Melvyn. Pfft. Some think we should alienate him, some think we should welcome him due to his achievements.

Come, he is now a British Citizen, what has his achievements got to do with us? We might as well claim Vanessa Mae, at least she's more famous with no NS scandal.

Me peeve on this issue is that, under existing laws, he did not serve NS. There are people who say that does not make one less a man. I totally agree. Not serving NS does not make you less a man. One is still anatomically and biologically a man. Probably minus some scars you pick up during NS too.

Basically this guy broke the law. Under the current laws, he has paid his dues (some claim $3000 ).

In my book, if you are due for NS and decide to skip it (and become another country's citizen to boot) then you simply become a foreigner. No such thing as Return of the Prodigal Son. If he were such a filial son, would he need to skip NS?

Let's just treat him as a foreigner (who he is if you forget that he's British) and put this whole issue behind.

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Putfile.. and Singapore Laws

I contemplated whether I should provide Putfile with the additional publicity that they apparently so crave. In the end, I decided to follow the Hippy Blogger method of commenting on anything under the sun.

For those who are not in the know, Putfile (a file hosting service) has announced a termination of service provision to Singapore Users. I should think that a majority of Singaporeans have no idea what Putfile is. I have come across it from my States friends.

This kind of action is what I call butting your nose nose where it don't belong.

For starters, I do not think it takes 6 minutes for the convicted person to die from hanging. It is supposed to be quite instantaneous. Maybe there's the odd freak accident or 2.. but..

Anyway, the point being, why should the Singapore Government read this announcement and say.. "Oh no!! We can't use Putfile!! Let's change our execution methods!!"

That's something I can't quite figure out and I can't be bothered anyway.

Bye Bye Putfile. You won't be missed.

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Why I like to read and post on internet forums

I admit it. I love to read and post on certain internet forums. It gives me an opportunity to improve my Degraded English skills. Well, at least I hope it does.

Sometimes, one gets so incensed by some posts. It touches someone deep enough to post inflammatorily (is there such a word?). Sometimes, you get the know-it-all or the damn-it-all. You know, the people to whom everything is not right. Sometimes, these people will keep making know-it-all comments that are condescending AND do not provide any answers at all. These people = POWER.

You know the ones that I mean.. those who keep striking someone/situation/organisation down due to something they claim, but yet when challenged to provide an alternative solution, they will quickly claim that they cannot reveal the solution due to certain limitations, but others should be assured that the solutions are there, just that the solutions have not been and will not be implemented.

Heh, this kind of people.. talk so much for what? Don't you wonder if they are not just hot air balloons?

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Another Long Day

Left work at about 2300 hrs (Saturday). 2 straight days of long hours... weekend somemore. Will we get more then a 'Good Job' this time in return for our efforts? I don't need a Christmas Party. I can have a better one myself and among some colleagues and I don't care much for Christmas.

Tried to buy McNuggets after work.. but the Rewards Kiosk in Mac refused to let me activate my account that I had pre registered on the internet. In the end, I decided not to buy any nuggets.

December is a crazy month.
What with Study Project, Practical tests to be given to medics, IQA coming soon, New quality framework due next year..... Sian. Can't even clear leave properly. Climate Survey? ha.

All I want for Christmas is Tuang.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Long Day

Left work at about 2330 (Friday). Long day. Apart for the few of us poor souls, the rest have left work since 1500 hrs for anniversary celebrations. Proabably enjoyed themselves bowling, playing pool, LAN, arcade and what not.

They probably had a nicer dinner then I did too. Probably laughed over some stupid stunt performed by someone or another. Did I mention a lucky draw? NSFs get TWO (2) lucky draw coupons for the draw. Awww. How sweet. 1st Prize was a 1GB Creative MP3 player. Muvo I think. Spent most of Thursday wrapping up the presents.

People who couldn't make it to the Anniversary were supposed to get a $20 Popular voucher. Too bad for me they ran out of vouchers.. not that I care much for it anyway.

Heard Climate Survey (Employee Satisfaction Survey) is coming soon... lmao.

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