Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sadness and Happiness

The day started off kinda depressing.

We were due to have a going away ceremony for our LS leader and another member, Craran and Linan. Guess the 2 of them have realised what the rest of us have yet to realise. They are quitting the game. Wrong, by the time I wrote this and the time YOU read this, they have already quit. Linkshell is probably already broken (I have not logged in since)

Well, Sao made a new Linkshell with the same name, just substituting a capital I for and small l. Smart little move there. We gathered in Leaute's Garden in Chateau d'Oraguille. Nice place. Unfortunately some of our members did not have enuogh rank to go in there. I wanted to help one of them get the rank for the ceremony but thought I didn't have enough time.

Anyways, We were all gathered in our best dresses (I was in a crummy robe though, I'm poor) waiting for Craran and Linan. Craran had to download updates and thus he was late, so in the end, I was not able to participate in the farewell ceremony cos I had to meet my friends to go to Suntec. >.< I had already deferred the appointment by 1 hour and I was to be an additional half hour late, so I really couldn't stay anymore. So sad. Additionally, Dalimar declared that he's leaving too. Depressed. I've never seen so many Crystal Warders together before ^^ Here's a pic I took.

Craran, Linan and Dalimar, We'll miss you >.<

After logging ( I regret not unequipping the LP first, so I wouldn't break it next time I log in), I rushed to Suntec to join my friends. We were supposed to check out the travel fair. It's like a really small scale thing, with SA tours in the exhibition hall, Ananda in Balaclava, CTC around Tower Two/Three and Chan Brothers around Tower Four/Five. Checked out the Free and Easy Packages for Hong Kong 7 days / 6 nights.

Chatted our options out over an Andersen's tea break (That Family Fondue took 1 hour to be served). We felt we wanted to go through the agency this time as we were not used to planning our own trips and my friend thought we needed VISAs (which would be easier through agency). I personally did not mind booking my way through, but we finally decided to go for the CTC offer.

Went back and sorted things out and booked a package for 5. Each person would have to pay SGD674 for the trip. We would also have to tip the person transporting us to and from the hotel HKD50, but I guess it's ok, cos it's convenient anyway. We will be flying on Cathay Pacific, probably staying at West Hotel (Kowloon) or Newton Inn Hotel (North Point).

And all this is happening on May 12 through to May 18!! So exciting! Wanna join me?? ^^ Currently checking out the transportation, places to go and stuff to do. I think I'll get the Octopus card cos it seems convenient for transport.

Think I will stop here ^^ Today so long winded. Ciao!

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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Met up with my UM batchboys today. Although there were only 4 of us (Victor, Michael, Raymond and I), I think it's rather cool that we managed to meet up after all this time. Guys! Let's make it a habit ^^

We were supposed to meet at 1800hrs at Orchard, but I was terribly late cos I was in a meeting taht only ended at 2000hrs. Jumped into a cab and arrived at Newton Circle Food Centre by 2045hrs. Heh. Time really passes eh? And for the gazzillionth time, that goatie doesn't suit you Raymond. You have to face it. I know you like the concept, but it's just so............. >.< It's too sparse anyway.

Ah. Panda had a car today so we travelled around in a car, though we were usually quite lost. This led to Panda's wonderful qoute of the year:" Let's follow the taxi, I am sure the taxi will end up on an expressway eventually"

Hmm. That didn't seem to come out quite right. ^^ Oh well.

Raymond's gonna be going to Germany to study Ph.D in Mathematical Biology for 3 years. Please don't ask me what the heck that is. I am just as clueless. He's picking up German in crash courses :) I should be going back to classes too.

Handy German Phrases for everyday emergencies. (According to Silverelf's limited Deutsch)

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Touching Little FF Story

Came across this clip that someone made about FFXI. It talks about his/her story in Vana'diel. The editing is a little choppy, but I found it pretty sweet. Maybe it's just me :)

Little FFXI Story

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Friday, February 18, 2005


Oh my god! This elf has finally figured out how to activate the comments link!! Yay!!! My HTML code was missing a few tags. So you better be adding comments here ok! Or else.... er... hmmm....

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Boring Blog

Been reading some blogs lately. Finding that my blog is relatively boring. I have neither profoundly philosophical nor patronisingly political topics to talk about. In addition, I do not even keep a tight schedule on Blogging! Bah, I wouldn't even read my own Blog.

Finally bought the Chains of Promathia expansion for my Final Fantasy XI :)
Hope to get RSE for my character soon. Also hope to get my WHM up to speed, I really need to go back to my RDM!!

On another note, when you guys watch NDP this year, rest assured that the parade will go well. Why? The answer is, I am covering this event! Yay! You guys WILL stay home on the 9th of August and WATCH this event, if you are not ALREADY AT THE PADANG! There will be a pop quiz afterwards.

Also, I have friends asking me to a) go to HK in June. b) go to New Zealand in September. I guess I will not be able to make the september trip due to work (audits, man, AUDITS!) I am trying to go for the June trip. We'll see how it turns out yah? I need a vacation lol.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Day before.........


Lunar New Year Eve.

Busy cleaning up so shan't talk too much. I am planning to go online to Vana'diel later to set off fireworks :) Cool huh? I planned this for some time. However I hope to be able to make my own fireworks next year cos it is very difficult to buy fireworks!

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Spring Cleaning. *PANIC MODE*

So. It is the day before Lunar New Year. It is 1AM and I am still 'fire-fighting'. Sigh. Serves myself right for not keeping up with the domestic issues.

Thrown out tonnes of stuff and I still have tonnes more left. Oh my goodness. Worst part is, once Lunar New Year passes, I will be too lazy to do anything again. At least I think I have managed to throw out more stuff then in previous years. I guess I have kinda learnt to let go of stuff. Not everything can be used in 2000 years you know.

I am entertaining myself while I clean by listening to Merengue and chatting with my friends on ICQ. Seems like quite a few people are still cleaning up also. Will my home ever look neat and pretty?? Hmmmmm..............

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Thursday, February 03, 2005


So I went back to SMM today for a Paramedic Workshop that is conducted by the Canadian Paramedics.

I grabbed my Level III file and happily went my way back to SMM. I had breakfast at the SMM canteen, and that's when it started to hit me. I missed my level III batchboy, Din. I was reminded of him when I passed by the Malay food stall. I remembered how we teased him about the girl helping out at the stall. How we would stuff our faces full with Ramli burgers and then some :)

Sweet memories.

So I went on the rest of the day, it kinda went uneventfully, till we got to the end of the day as I was reminded of the practice calls that we did in Level III. Especially since we had a jump kit, my 2 Level III instructors and another batchboy in the same room.

And it got worse, on the way back home, I was bored, so I took out my notes to read. Admittedly I hadn't had any notes to read at all, but I had these few pages that I had written PAM on so that I could remember PAM. I had done these just before the final practical, and Din was chiding me for doing last minute revision. I nearly cried on the bus. How embarassing.

Oh, and how he poked me and said:" You are number 2" when we got our results.

Miss you, Din. Our batch will never be the same without you.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Little Quell in the Storm

After some madness (had 2 audits in 2 days), i looks like I am getting a bit of a break. This break lasts all of the week till Monday. For Thursday and Frida this week, I have a Paramedic workshop conducted by the Canadian Paramedics to attend, so I can temporarily forget the stuff at work.

Back to work on Monday, sigh, it's getting to be Lunar New Year, but we ain't getting no break. In fact my boss, when asked, said he'd want a medic and a senior medic to stand by on Friday next week (third day of Lunar New Year. Let's see now, how many Snr Medics did I have in the department? 1, one, eins, uno, ichi........ you get the idea.

Also working on my networking, why? You see, I found that I have really fallen behind in networking. So what else is new. I have told myself that I need to go out and meet people. Not just hide behind my PC all day.

Task 1: To meet up with old friends over the course of Lunar New Year.

However, at the moment... I am feeling the itch to g to Vana'diel again ^.^

RDM 38
WHM 18

Cooking 42
Fishing 14

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