Monday, September 25, 2006

The Orient Express

I've thought about this before. Someday I'll like to take the Orient Express. What made me check it out again was the fact that I received a voucher for a complimentary cabin upgrade. So of course I had to take a look at how much the cabins cost.

Check out the luxury... the comfort... the exclusivity! Of course, the cheapest cabin is $3120. Looks like I won't be taking the Orient Express anytime soon.

Oh well. Until then I can plan my train trip to Thailand via the trusty Keratapi Tanah Melayu (KTM). Cheap cheap.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Game On!

Just read this article. Hope I'll come across more girl gamers in SG ^^. However, I'm not a first person shooter kind of person... so yeah. I can't play first person shooters on PCs (I don't seem to have problems in arcades maybe because those come with "weapons") as I'll feel nauseous.

And the next stereotype... have people given up insisting that video games are for children?

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Monday, September 18, 2006

A New Look at Cixi

Yep. I went to watch Forbidden City for the second time. This time I felt the show was pretty good. The first time I watched it, I was quite bored by Act 2. Perhaps it is because my expectations were greatly lowered this time round. Who knows?

Of course, such an announcement must be followed by what are my favourites of the show.

Favourite Character : Kate Carl. (She's my friend. So I'm partial. Sue me.)
Favourite Song(s): Stories (Morrison), Falling in Love (Kate), The Land of our Fathers (Yehenara, Prince Tun, Ensemble)

They have in fact tweaked the show a bit. I do not remember such an interesting brothel scene the last time round. Maybe I was too bored. Hmm.

Also Kit sounds more musical theatre style this time round (and I think she was tired by the time I watched the last time.)

That said....as the script was granted artistic license, many many other details were left out (How Cixi was selected to be a concubine, Tong Zhi died without marrying, Guang Xu wasn't kept under house arrest etc) , it's all in the name of an entertaining show though.

I'm still hoping for a re-stage of Sing to the Dawn.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

I'll Let You Have That Chip!

Hmm. So I went out for dinner with 2 of my friends last night... the usual dinner thrash, ya know... talk rot and make jokes out of everything and laughing crazily at anything.....

Anyway as 'proof' to how our parents brought us up to treat people with courtesy *cough cough yeah right cough cough*, this little scenario ensued.

See, I was planning to poke my fork into chip 'A' (read fat french fry to you bums who do not know what I am talking about.) while my friend was moving her fork in the same general direction at the same time. She let me have first choice.. and I went for chip 'B'. She then had to go for chip 'A'.

I commented that it's funny how we went for the same stuff at the same time and she said "Yeah! I wanted that piece you got!" (referring to Chip 'B')

And what did I say?? "Shoot! I wanted the piece YOU got!" (Chip 'A')

Friend :"And you blardy had first choice!"

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I Need Speaking Space!

For some weird unknown reason, I have a 'blog post limit' when I blog from my home PC. It happens regardless of me using Firefox or IE. I blogged about this a long time ago, but I never really did anything about it. Basically, if the post is too long/large, my blogger will simply not update the post. It may also crash my blogger dashboard.

I have no idea why it does that. Whenever I have to make large posts, I have to break it into parts (see my RSAF Open House post) and that is tedious.

I have written in to Blogger and hope they will someday get around to me.... or maybe someone will read this post.. and tell me how to solve this problem!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

FF XII Hope Trailer

Just got my FF fix for the day ^^

I love FF. Can you tell?

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

RSAF Open House 2006

Well, finally, after a few years after attempts, I have gone to the RSAF Open House. I used to go wa wa wee over fighters (especially the F16 series). It even got to the point where me and my batchboy were would be identifying fighters by their undercarriages when they flew overhead. At airshows I would be making beelines to F-16 and one of my greatest treasures is an autograph from a F-16 pilot lol.

Now I don't do that anymore. Oh well.

Anyways, what's an Open House without photos? I came home with a total of 267 photos in my CF card, most of them are similar shots and most are blah shots. As they say, practise practise practise! At least I managed to improve the blur situation I used to be getting consistently, I just need to fine tune it more (it's a problem with my dioptre adjustment, someone messed with it and I can't get it quite right).

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RSAF Open House

And here, are some of the shots I took.

When I grow up.....
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Food and Aircon. Key tenets of Singapore life.
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Aiyah, over there!
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Fighting evil by moon(er... sun)light
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