Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Free Vacation Ends..

Yups. I just spent 12 days in Tioman, food and lodging provided. We actually left on the night of the 15th but we arrived in Tioman on the morning of 16th, so it's 12 days in Tioman altogether.

I had to stay out of the sun so Tioman is pretty boring (in fact if my dermatologist knew I was exposed to so much sun he would have been pretty angry).... and of course we could not participate in high risk activities like diving. If you can't dive in Tioman, you are pretty much out for a lazy time on shore. I only went for 2 shore leaves, on the 2nd to last shore leave, only me and 2 guys from our team was left.. and few people asked me why I did not go for shore leave.... heheh. Nice to have people ask after you eh? That's like 1 in 10 thousand years for me.

Things were a happening on board too. We had a party for Mid Autumn Festival, basically a buffet for the crew and an adapted sketch of the Legend of Chang Er. Hou Yi was played by an Indian and he was so so funny^^ Good Job! We also had a BBQ towards the end of the the trip, most everyone else was in pirate rig (read: anythng you want to wear, not the real pirate set up) and my MO, another medic and I were in coveralls......... cos we had just returned from seeing a patient on another craft.

We had a pretty fun team out there this time^^ Would that every sailing was like this. Heh. I will surely miss the quests for Ramly burgers, Shaky's Donuts, Maritess and the seemingly endless FF music.

Towards the end of the trip, had some thought provoking sessions... maybe I shall post them when I manage to sort them out.

* Songs of the trip *
Eyes on Me
When you wish upon a star

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Now THAT'S what I call a comedy!

This evening, I went to Cineleisure to catch Adam Sandler's "The Longest Yard" with my friend. My friend promised me that it would be a proper comedy (after "The Cave" , I get skeptical).

Nice movie^^. Adam Sandler does it again, amidst fun and laughs (which do not merely consist of the slapstick or porno variety), he manages to inject food for thought.

I'll leave details out, Adam Sandler plays a down and out football star (Paul Crewe). For you non Yanks out there... This means the NFL, the football played with HANDS, ARMOR and HELMETS. He gets called on stealing his girlfriend's car and thus gets thrown into jail.

The warden of Allenville Penitentiary pulls strings to get Crewe over so that Crewe may help train the Allenville Penitentiary Football Team which consists of the guards. Anyways, to make a long story short, Crewe has the honour of picking a team out of all sorts of mismatched convicts so as to put together a team to play off with the guards for a tune up match.

This movie is about the adventure of training this motley crew in time for the match and for the meaning and belonging he finds at the end of the whole fiasco.

Here ends my crappy intro.

Rating: Go Watch It!

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chomp Chomp Yum Yum

Had a meet up last night with my Batchie Boyos, namely ah Tay and Victor. We were supposed to meet at Chomp Chomp at 6 (and I was late.. had an enjoyable ride on a taxi going at at top speed of 50km/hr and constantly swerving right and left albeit minorly swerving)

Went to look for them at Table 74.... Noone there...... called Tay up and.... he said he was at Stall #40 .... I looked and found that the stalls ended at #36.

Weird. Anyway, turns out that they were at the Serangoon Gardens Market right next to Chomp Chomp. We then had a rather fulfilling (to say the least) meal at Chomp Chomp. Due to the fact that we ate quite a bit, we ended up walking back to AMK (it might have been my dumb idea but I can't really remember hahaha!) . The trip took us about 40 mins....

Hey guys... next meetup.. JAY BEE? XD

P.S. Mr Michael, don't be discouraged.. keep up your blogging!

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Friday, September 09, 2005

iBook woohoo! (Part 2)

I continued to hover at the counter, and after a few moments, saw the girl in the back office again, she saw me, and proceeded to ask someone some stuff I guess. She finally decided to come out and speak to me and all she offered was that I go to the Singnet counter in Challenger (which she said was probably closed) to get the form. I went out like 10 meters and saw Challenger was already closed. Now very angry. I do know that it is not their problem that I do not have the appropriate documentation, but I am sure that the service could have been better. Perhaps it was because I was not going to be a paying customer.....

Anyway, called up Singnet the next morning and told them the whole issue. Singnet confirmed that the arrangements they told me were valid and that they have done so for customers previously. I requested an investigation and feedback on the whole fiasco. Singnet also immediately faxed a copy of the form to me.

Went back to the Apple Centre at Funan, saw another girl next to the one I was fuming off at. This girl served me promptly, and I duly gave her the appropriate documentation. This girl gives better service... why? Cos she actually SMILES when she talks to you, not give you some sour face. Her knowledge may not have been the most comprehensive, but service > all I say.

Went home, set up the modem, had some issues with the technical parts of setting up the wireless connection, but managed to iron out the kinks. I now have a functioning iBook with wireless internet connectivity^^ . However, I have to figure out how to use it.... I have no idea what hot keys there are, have to explore more.

By the way, does anyone know what's the word limit on posts......? Had to break my post into 2 parts cos it would not load.

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iBook woohoo! (Part 1)

I have finally managed to collect my iBook on the 8th, after some adventures on the 7th. First, according to the voucher, I was supposed to have my NRIC and a copy of the application form in order to claim the iBook.

I did not a copy of the application form, so I called Singnet on the morning of the 7th and they said that they could fax the form to the vendor when I am there. I was tus happily satisfied. That day, I had to work late and only left work at about 7pm. I took a taxi down to Funan ($20, I tipped the driver) and barely reached there in time. The shop was half closed, but I was happy.

There I waited to be served, finally, this girl who was hovering around looking like a customer asked what I required. I told her that I wished to redeem my laptop and also clarified that I did not have the copy of the application form. I also told her that Singnet assured me they would fax the form over to them. All she would say is that they could not do so. No. They don't accept faxes on behalf. She wasn;t looking all too friendly, to make things worse, she abruptly left. I was left thinking she simply refused to serve me anymore..... this made me pretty angry. Very bad service attitude.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

IPPT Woes Over

Heh. So I went for IPPT on the morning of the 26th August. That afteful morning, the storm clouds were SO HUGE and BLACK. I was in a pretty good mood. The mood was even better when we went to the reporting point and the PTI announced that the IPPT was concelled due to CAT I warnings. WAIT, apparently some officer wanted the IPPT to go on, so in the end, we carried on with the IPPT. -.-

Oh well, I managed to get a silver for it.. so that means I can be slack and lazy till next April.... Ooops hehehe.

Also, I was supposed to receive my iBook voucher on the 1st of september. I planned to collect it on the 3rd. Apparently Singpost delivered it too early while my mum was not at home. I called SIngnet and the CS, who sounded like she had a very bad sore throat, told me that the 2 deliveries should be have been made together. I told her that I did not receive any voucher and she said she'd call me back. She didn't. I called back the next day and got a pretty helpful CS who said that I had to rearrange a delivery time with Singpost.

Did you know that Singpost doesn't deliver after 5pm? Yeah, that's why I didn't get my voucher on the 1st of September as promised because Singpost doesn't deliver after 5. Now if I were rich and do not require to work, that would be fine and dandy, but unfortunately all members of my family work. In the end I elected to collect it at the nearest Post Office.

Singpost, I blame you for my late collection of my iBook.

FFXI updates
RDM 50 WHM 47 SMN 22 WAR 7 THF 5 BLM 1 MNK 1 RNG 1 NIN 1 BST 1 BRD 1 DRG 1
SAM - Quest 99% complete. Need to go back to Norg to get SAM.
PLD, DRK- Not done

Genkai 1 - Exoray Mold : O Bomb Coal : X Papyrus : X
(Had a chance to get Bomb Coal last night but was fighting in party...... /cry )

Weapon : O Body : X Hands : X Legs : X Feet : X Head : X

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