Monday, August 22, 2005

Let's see....

Well, been rather lazy these days. Especially after the frenzy of the fireworks festival.....

Well, the fireworks festival ended on a rather happy note for me. It was, after all, not a total failure. However, the dinner later at Yoshinoya was another matter.

To make a long story short, my friend and I had already had a minor experience at Yoshinoya Millenial Walk, so I was loathe to go there. Well, I hadn't any better places to go, so we did go there to eat. Here's the kicker, I was ignored by 2 counter staff. Count that. 2. TWO. 两个. Zwei. Dos. I believe you get the point by now. Service there is so slow, you seriously cannot call it fast food.

Just keep away from that joint, guys.

On another note, have to go for IPPT soon. I hope the morning of the 26th of August will be a stormy morning once I reach my cabin. I do so hate to be forced to take IPPT. I prefer to take IPPT once a year and get a silver for it, instead of trying my luck at each IPPT until I luckily get a pass or some crap like that.

On YET another note, I have just committed myself to anotehr 3 years with Singnet. This means that I will be getting the free iBook. Yay^^!! However, I do wish that I can play FFXI on the iBook, THAT would be perfect. As of now, I believe the only things I can do on the iBook is to surf and maybe do some photo editing. Voucher will arrive on 1st September, I believe I may redeem it from 3rd September. People who have already gotten the vouchers had gone to the Applecenter at Funan to redeem the iBook on Saturday. Apparently, it was a very very very long wait (someone claimed he waited for 3 1/2 hours) and there is currently a worldwide shortage of iBooks.

Well I guess that just means my iBook will be 'fresh' hahahaha! 热烘烘,新鲜出炉!!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fireworks Festival - Singapore Team

Well, yesterday showcased the Singapore Team for the countdown party, I'd say it was a good job. The fireworks were choreographed to SCO's version of to some of the local favourites (you know like Chan Mali Chan and all that.) I think it was pretty well choreographed.. and so it still bugs me... WHAT music was the Portuguese Show on Sat choreographed to???? Looking forward to the French Team

Anyway, here is one shot that is 'showable'. Barely made it.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Later I'll be heading to take photos of the NDP fireworks. I expect carnage again... but then, my best shot this year came from the carnage that was the Preview.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005


The recent promos from Singnet are really getting very good... at least in my opinion. Last month they had the LCD monitor+DVD recorder+wireless modem package for their lastest 10mbps and 25mbps plans. Of course, you had to sign a 24 month contract.

Just when I thought it could not get any better, the latest promo is an Apple 12" iBook 1.33Ghz Power PC G4 and a Thomson Speedtouch585 ADSL2 + integrated wireless modem. SHOCKING! I never thought Singnet would come up with such deals, it really makes signing up for the 10mbps plan extremely inviting. The thing is you have to sign a 36 months contract for this package, but I never want to change my email anyway... so I am unlikely to change providers.

Now to rationalise things a bit.

Pro of upgrading:
Improved upload speeds - less lag for online gaming and *ahem* file sharing. I doubt the file sharing will improve much, but if it improves my gaming, I am going for this.

Appli iBook - self explanatory. I don't even have to go and buy one myself. It's FREE. I'm not an Apple fan, but I could use a laptop that's FREE. Well, I'm paying for it, but it just feels good :Þ

Con of upgrading:
Increased subscription fee.

The increased bandwith and uploading speeds may not be up to expectations. This would majorly gimp my game as I would then be stuck with a 3 year contract of increased subscriptions on something that DID NOT improve my game.

So, to take the plunge or not to? Dang it.

Currently I am paying about $47.25/month for my 512kbps connection. It will then be a increase of $40.75 for this new subscription.
However! I have checked the current selling price for that iBook ( I checked on Apple.com.sg lah, so maybe a bit overpriced? I dunno much about Apple) and it's priced at $1788. Divide that by 36 months and I get $49.67/month. So technically, if I were to buy the iBook on a 36 months installment, it's still a good deal to get it from Singnet (Plus the added speed)

However, at the end of the day, there is still this little thing called, I never needed all those stuff to begin with.

Ah the headache.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fireworks festival 2005!!

First thing today, I went to pass a beret and tunics to my friend who is currently on Paramedic level III course. Oh memories^^

Next went to a buffet lunch treat by my friends, one is leaving Singapore to study in UK and the other is having her birthday on the 20th of August. Accompanied them to PS after the meal, where they were supposed to catch a show... and whaddaya know? Along the way, my friend who was driving us there put on the "Jit Pa Ban" song introduced in my previous post!!!

Anyway, headed to the arcade at PS and had quite a bit of fun playing Percussion Master and and nicknaming someone 小P. Hahaha!! Very 乱马 hor?

By the time my friends went into the cinema, it was time to head off to the Fireworks Venue... YES!!! Fireworks Festival 2005 is ON! I am very curious how they can theme the firworks by country, as they had stated that today's fireworks is "Portuguese Theme" Maybe music? I had not recce'd the place, so I met up with my friend at the library@ esplanade and we headed off to find the fireworks venue... my god we were on the wrong side of Marina Bay. Never fear! We managed to find out way across, and to make a long story short, I managed to find the venue where they would fire the goodies.

We camped in front of the fireworks.... and I hoped to hear the music it was supposed to be choreographed with ( theme to country... how???? ) but alas, it was not to be. The area I was in had sufficiently Latin music though, so I guess it was not a total loss. And if you ever see a dance club called blackjack, stay out of it, I bet their sound system is lousy.

As we waited, my friend was mildly irritated by a family who made themselves comfortable in front of her... I was ok with it, but then when Papa Smurf decided to stare at my camera while I was setting it up, I decided to take a shot of him. Here he is, but I am not very good in low light photography and it was getting to be twilight anyway.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Fireworks themselves are MUCH better then the usual fare we get at NDP. At least they are spaced out well enough for you to get shots in, if you knew what you were doing. Unfortunately, I guess I DIDN'T know what I was doing, so I ended up with a series of shots marginally better then the Previews, but none are outstanding. ; ; sob sob. What a waste of a perfectly well choreographed display as opposed to the diarrhea we had for the Preview.

This is like the best shot out of all... so you can see the standard of my shots are HORRIBLE.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Fortunately, we have a few more sessions to go. Unfortunately, I don;t know if I can make use of these sessions to improve. My fireworks are getting from bad to worse. Damn. Here I apologise to the team that put up today's display. My shots do you huge discredit.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

If I have One Miiiiiiiiillion!

Nope, Not the Austin Powers show. Came across this Blog with this really funny Hokkien Song "If I have one million". Recommended by the kind folks at SPUG.

Here... Enjoy!

If I have one million

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