Wednesday, October 31, 2007

KPE, Food and Some Incense

So today is the day my dad said we'd go to KPE Tunnel. It sounds like a little thing but it was really something to look forward to. I guess i has to do with sitting in a car all night while my dad drives us around hahahaha! I love road trips.

So we went through KPE Tunnel, BOTH WAYS. Muahahah! It was kinda fun cos we were trying to see if anyone would speed and trigger the cameras. Indeed the tunnel look sorta impressive cos it was all spanking new, not to mentioned the now almost renowned comprehensive deployment of speed cameras.

After the KPE Tunnel, we went to the Old Airport Road food centre for bites. While passing by one of the satay stalls, I saw someone with a UNTAET (Singapore Contingent) collar shirt and I think it was probably someone from Team 7 or 6. It was almost like a blast from the past. Now, if that wasn't enough of a coincidence, I ran into one of our staff who is finishing his service on Monday. What struck me most was his smile as I usually don't see him smile. I guess ORD really does do wonders to one.

We had grubs at this stall called Fu Xin Cooked Food. It sells all the kuehs like, Bng Kueh, Soon Kueh, Rice Dumpling, Koo Chye Kueh.... I tell you, my mum had a ball there. We ordered stuff to eat and stuff to bring back home. The Kuehs are all made on the spot and served fresh. The Bng Kueh skin is not thick and hard like alot of other places. Yummy stuff.

So off we went after the meal and I thought we'd be heading back home (sad). Then I realised we were kinda on the PIE. No biggie, cos I don't know my ways round very well ^^. Then I started to see signs that said "Changi General Hospital" "Simei" and I was like... hmmm..... where are we going? Changi Village for Round Two?

Then... we got to this street where I was like "Oh, this street is familiar!". And that's how we ended up at Loyang Tua Pek Gong. I tell you, the new building is so beautiful. Especially the ceiling. WOW. The ceiling is so beautiful. I was quite sad because I did not have my camera with me! There are a lot of wood carvings all over the place, it must take a lot of care to maintain the place. In the back room, the lights were quite dim, so the ceiling lights were reflected on the floor in a really gorgeous circle. Again I lament my lack of a camera!

Perhaps someday I should go back there in the daytime with a camera. The shots should be really good!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Free Expression

Quite a bit of stuff been going on recently, mostly with my rare relatives. Actually had quite a bit of stuff blogged, then I felt that post was way subjective. Then it struck me that since this was a subject of some importance, it may be a good idea to put it down to words. Like in a story or something.

Then something struck me again, I could write a sort of play with this subject. However, it'd be quite a challenge to flesh it out in a full length play since I don't really have playwriting experience, though I've toyed with the idea minorly.

Lo and behold, I was struck yet again by another idea (Yes my head was hurting at this point). I could put it down as a short play. I had the basic concept for a long time now and this would be a great subject to add. Now I probably just have to ensure I trim enough stuff for it to be well, short.

Also, I had wanted to join NaNoWriMo last year. I missed the start date though. Maybe I should join this year's NaNoWriMo. I've been telling myself I should get started someday. Yet someday never comes. NaNoWriMo? 50K words!

Well, you know that if you see the NaNoWriMo button on my blog next month, that I did indeed join it. It's gonna purely be for fun and to make myself write the darn 50k words. I haven't written anything much since leaving Secondary School. Blogs are mainly rants. Forums are inane nonsense designed to piss people off. This will be a good challenge.

In this year 2007, it is probably a good time to do something that I think I will enjoy, look back and savour for time to come. The hassle of the rat race (though I let all the other rats run past) is sometimes so repetitive and even repulsive that one loses track of what they want on the personal scale. We do, because we must. Not because we like.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching Up On Updates

Just gonna do some catching up on updates. Nothing much happened recently actually, well, discounting the fact that I had to cancel my leave for the week of 22nd to 26th October as we have to complete a stockcheck ASAP. It's all cool though, I would hate to be on leave and worrying if people are pissed at me being on leave.

Now here's something you guys who know me would be surprised to read. I just completed nine days of vegetarian diet. Yups. It's the ninth lunar month so yep, I decided to try it out this year. Still no vegetables for me though, just avoided meats and stuff.

Just to be clear, this vegetarian diet is exclusive of eggs and dairy, and so is unlike the new fangled vegetarian diets you might see around sometime. Well, I did eat bread with kaya on the first day cos I forgot kaya has eggs.

It can be kinda tricky to find vegetarian food and even when you go to a vegetarian food stall, you have to make sure they don't add eggs. Other than that, it wasn't too hard to keep the diet.

Went to Vis-a-vis for some lunch yesterday. I would say it's not too bad. Only thing is the waiter wouldn't tell me if they had alcohol in the dishes, choosing instead to tell me that they list all major ingredients and if it isn't listed, it would be on the dish.

Well, that was helpful.... but what if I didn't know whether the ingredient was alcohol? Anyways, I had Salmon Chowder, Pigeon (tasted like mutton satay.....), Tea and............. CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE. Ooohhhhh, the chocolate souffle was nice! It came with a serving of what my friend guessed was old vanilla ice cream. I couldn't finish that as it got kinda icky when I was 75% through. And I really wanted to start on the chocolate souffle.

The place is at 12, Chun Tin Road. Kinda tricky to find if you are not familiar with the area. I liked the salmon chowder and the chocolate souffle heh! I should probably update my reviews on hungrygowhere.com.......

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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Take some time out and watch this video.

via videosift.com

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