Thursday, May 31, 2007

St James Power Station

This (well, technically yesterday) afternoon, my colleague called me up and asked if I wanted to go to St James. I was like "HUH? St James???"

Turns out that some of the guys wanted to go and she did not want to be the only girl there. Anyway we ended up going into Dragonfly at around 2130ish. My colleagues actually signed up for the memberships as well. The membership is $268 a year and you get a free bottle of liqour plus some other benefits.

This was my second time in a club. The music was pretty good, though you'd be hard pressed to get a seat as seats are reserved two weeks in advance. The live band was another thing though... really felt like a 'getai' when the live band was playing. Only 1 singer was pretty much good, the rest were probably running 7th month gigs before this one. Some of the backup dancing was horrendous as well, but most times we weren't paying much attention.

As we had arrived much earlier than my friend with the table did, we spent some time standing around. When my friend finally arrived, we went over to the table and joined them. My colleague did an immediate assessment of the situation and decided that the table next to us were full of tai-tais. Evidence as follows:

1) Each of their bags were worth no less than 5 digits. I have no idea, but my friend does. Their accessories were expensive too, and shoes, we haven't talked about the shoes!
2) The manager of the joint was entertaining them the entire night. When they left to somewhere else briefly, he was there looking after their table and belongings. Needless to say their service was prompt too!

No wonder so many girls say they want to marry a rich husband. I spend $100 on clothes I already want to cry...... I think the tips they give is more than that lol!

I have a colleague whom we thought had a high tolerance for liquor. Goodness.. he went down after 3 small bottles of Moet Chandon Champagne and a few glass of liquor which has been mixed with mixers. He actually managed to puke on the floor and generally knocked out.

In the end, the colleague who asked me to go (colleague A) and I had to send him (colleague B) home. Colleague A was really reluctant to leave as she has not gone to a club in a long long time. After we left, colleague A started to get her drunkness kicking in and got rather emotional, so I had 2 drunk cats on my hands. Luckily colleague B was able to take care of himself or else I'd be doing quite a gig!

We went to Vivocity and tried to get a cab there, afer some waiting, I managed to flag down a cab, but as I tried to get my colleagues to board the cab, the cab ran away! I was so ticked. I think the cab license plates was SHB 9029 B or something like that. Only thing I had time to remember was 9029. I dislike it when you think you got a cab and then you don't. He probably sw the 2 drunk cats and decided to save his cab though, can't blame him totally but what do you expect at a nightspot area at that time?

We managed to flag down another cab although I had some competition for this cab. Can you believe a GUY tried to steal the cab I flagged down. The cab stopped and he approached the cab and was almost going to open the door. Fortunately there were 2 cabs, so we didn't have to have any discussion on the issue as he decided to go for the second one. I don't know what the heck he would try to do if there were only one cab but after the last incident of me having a cab stolen by a butch, I don't think he would get away without some objection from my side.

The cab driver of the cab we managed to get was very nice. Once my colleagues got on the cab, he actually bothered to ask if he was ok. When he dropped colleague B off, he noticed that colleague B was going to cross the road and stayed till colleague B was safely cross the road before moving off. Colleague B was 50% sober by that time.

After I dropped off Colleague A and got home, the cab fare was $42.60 .. woohoo! Anyways, that was my only expenditure for the night so it wasn't too bad.

I do want to visit Movida, Bellini Room and Mono though. They sound pretty interesting to me. Like I said, Dragonfly's live band isn't quite to my taste. Great music, not so great band for me.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

SPUG is Back!

So my most haunted forum is back in it's old forums! yay! We've missed the forum so much for the past seven months. Credit must be given to all those who have worked hard to get the server back up (Fish, Jeromez and Riverdance) and those who contributed to the funds required (Apollo being a big contributor)

The old forums were just plain boring but they were great when we had nowhere else to go. I hope this new server would last us for a long long long long time.

On other news, I have yet to receive my income tax statement... not that I am all that excited to pay my taxes, but one has gotta do what one has gotta do. After all they do say that only two things in life are certain, death and taxes. I know my colleague has received his statement since he was complaining about the $300+ dollars he has to pay. I can only hope that my tax will be similar (I wouldn't mind lesser though!).

Had dinner at Botak Jones today. I ordered the Turkey Sausage with Bun (not set meal) and also ordered a side of cheese fries even though my friend ordered a large spicy fries.

The consolidated order list looks like this
Turkey Sausage with Bun (came with tonnes of onions)
Double Botak Burger
U-Crazy-What Burger (the guy who ordered this started regretting after he saw an actual double botak)
Lamb Chop Set Meal (came with fries and coleslaw)
2 Sireloin Set Meals
(came with fries and coleslaw)
Large spicy fries
Large cheese fries (cos I don't eat spicy fries but they turned out to be spicy too!!!)

I rather liked my Turkey Sausage, it's quite salty but I don't mind it much. The thing I didn't like was the onions.. ewww.. stinking up my food!

I think we spent about$90. The 2 sireloins were separate orders.. everything else came up to $57. While we were at Botak Jones, we were also pretty engrossed in watching the 2100hrs Channel 8 serial. lol, You can tell that show is popular cos once that show ended, alot of tables cleared up!

Yay... more good food to come!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Was The Downtime For the Greater Good?

Just at the beginning of the week, we had some downtime on blogspot. Had a friend who wanted to switch over to wordpress then and there. I gave it a good thought and thought that I might want to migrate to wordpress too.

I hadn't actually got it done and blogspot came up again. Something about upgrading the system and stuff. Now, the only thing I want from blogspot is no stupid 100-200 word restriction on every post!

You see people writing thesis and all I can do is scribble little notes. Any post that hits that limit, I'd have to be creative and split the posts up and post them separately. That's so disruptive! Also when I accidentally hit that unspoken limit... my blogger dashboard will crash and then I will not be able to do anything on blogger. That makes me so irritated and if it wasn't because I didn't really like the wordpress general layout and the fact that I prefer continuity, I woulda shipped outta blogger long ago.

Anyway, I posted a new post on my FFXI blog.. and I could stick alot of stuff in that post! So I am elated. If I can rattle on here as well, then I would consider the recent downtime as a godsend! All hail the downtime!!

Anyway, nothing much interesting gas been happening in my life. I'd say these are trying times. Trying on my patience. Well, I gotta be fair I guess and I think I also need to take a step back and try to understand why people do the things they do... but sometimes it is so hard to do that. People can piss people off just by being themselves but I guess that it's the learning and improvement that really counts. I'd have to say there are issues. Mainly it's avoidance of issues now and as long as these issues are not broached, life will go on. If that is broached... hmmm. Might be bad lol.

Anyway I'll end the post with this :"So what's your point?"

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Internet Unfriendly MacDonald's

Every thought that MacDonald's is internet friendly? Think again! I've been to this outlet where the Mac in house wifi internet connection is so weak it's hard to believe they actually promoted wifi internet as a draw.

Additionally, tonight I tried to access wireless@sg from that mac.... sometimes can see the network but definitely cannot log on. Could not even see the in house network.

I left mac, walked about 15M and plonked myself on some stairs. Voila! Wireless@sg connection! I think mac nerfs internet.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fight Flight

Inspired by my colleague. Life is like a vacuum cleaner, it sucks.

A grasping hand
In search of hope
Who will reach
And touch that soul?

A falling light
Streaks from the skies
Where will be
That net of chance?

Flying through the darkest night
Dashing into the hopeless blight
Despair abounds
Does hope draw nigh?

Muster all the strands of strength
Forge on through the stricken lands
To rise on high
Or fall in flight

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