Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why I Love Lunar New Year!

I got mildly bored so I posted something on spug.net with regards to the New Year. New Year has definitely lost it's flavour over the years... as people start to lose sight of the traditions, what they meand and start to add their own new interpretations and allowances. I'm sorry but I'm of the group that thinks a full black attire is a NO NO to weddings, let alone during New Year.

New Year mah, must be bright and cheery. No, you do NOT have to be in full red... but black on white , or white on black doesn't count as bright .... contrary to what a certain TV programme was advocating. Contrasty yes. Bright? I hope you are a monochrome photographer if you think it is bright. Or a panda.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eventful Day

Quite a few accidents happened today, I shan't elaborate but there was one incident where I was at scene and there was a broken finger (not mine). My dad's cab got crashed as well, but he's ok. Just has a bruise on his knee.

Also, it's the birthday of 3 people I know. One of them is the owner of the broken finger.

Anyway, I was shopping for clothes today.... stuff I like, don't have my size. Grrr. There is one piece that I think I will buy though. It's $79 ... will pop over tomorrow and see if it is still available.

Friday will be a busy day. Gonna have celebrations at my workplace, but we gotta have a 3 hour meeting first >.<; After that, my section will be going out!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Life's Good, In Comparison

I was reading an article about an elderly lady on public assistance and I thought about the money I spent just today on the way home. I shan't calculate the money I spent at work. I bought the following after work.

1) 2 packs of hamster food ($11 x 2 = $22) - These are not my hamsters btw
2) 1 KG of sliced pork ($39) and 500g of golden coins pork ($20)
3) 1 pandan kaya cake from Bengawan Solo ($13.80)
4) 2 pcs Kueh Salat from Bengawang Solo ($1.20)
5) 1 packet Ngoh Hiang Bee Hoon ($4.40)

That's a total of $100.40!!

She only gets $260 a month and she needs to pay rent, utility etc etc with it. Maybe they will increase the amount as one MP is pushing, to $400. Then the old lady can buy "some small fishes to put in her soup" .

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Shopping Overkill

Well, I decided I would go to NTUC to buy some stuff while the crowds were not there yet. I ended up with the following:

1) 2 cans of Mortein
2) 1 bottle of Mr Muscle Mold and Mildew Cleaner
3) 1 pack Lipton Milk Tea
4) Royal Premium Heavy Weight Toilet Paper
5) 1 bottle of prawn floss rolls
6) 1 KG fine cane sugar
7) 1 packet salt
8) 6 KG worth of oil
9) Fab Lemon (3 KG)

I think that was it. Cost me about $50. Had to hand carry everything home. I'm so gonna suffer tomorrow.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Went for a Chocolate Buffet last night. Yummy. It was at Fullerton and the buffet cost $32+++. One of my friends had suggested before hand that we 'stay out late' though I anticipated that our definitions of late were quite different.

Anyways, after the chocolate buffet, we went to Jazz @ Southbridge, my friend didn't like it as the music was too loud, so we went to one of those restaurants along Boat Quay.

Drank stuff, ate stuff and went home at about 2330. Reached home just after midnight. Gosh, isn't that horrendously late??

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