Thursday, January 11, 2007


Couldn't sleep, so I figured I might as well post something inane while I am at it.

This is a quiz. Please post your answers in the comments section. yes I know they are called 'adorations'. Live with it.

I will post the answer next time I blog. Or when I remember.

You are a Project Manager of a 4 man team. You need to fire 1 person to cut costs. These are the profiles of the 4 members.

A: Smart and Hardworking
B: Smart and Lazy
C: Stupid and Hardworking
D: Stupid and Lazy

Please post who you would fire and why

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Monday, January 08, 2007

*The Good And The Bad In A Day*

Yesterday was a busy day for me. First I went to the Botanic Gardens to
take part in the Olympus Experience. I'm still not impressed by the lady
who called me up to confirm the event and some other stuff but that's
another story. All in all, I kinda enjoyed the trip cos it made me leave
the home on a sunday morning.

After that, my friends and I went to Carl's Jr in Plaza Singapura. Had
lots of coke there.... Yummy. Perfect for a roaring hot day. We then
decided whether we wanted to watch the Change of Guards at the Istana or
go to the National Stadium to take photos of it before it is torn down.

We decided to go to National Stadium. We had a fine time there, it's
great to take photos of actually, until we got thrown out by a security
guy. There is a notice (A4 size paper on a notice board at the Gate near
SSC office) that states that you can't take photographs of SSC sports
facilities unless you have written approval , it's non commercial and
some other mumbo jumbo. What got me ticked was the way the security was
like :"Cannot take pictures, wait police catch".

I actually replied with:" Wah.. Police ah..." And the security went
:"Yeah yeah!"

Do I look like I'm 5 years old? Trembling at the slightest breath of the
word "Police"? Ah but rudeness is the way of life here isn't it. You'd
be odd if you attempted to be polite.

Passed by Indoor Stadium and decided to pick up my tickets to My Fair
Lady. More security hovering. I know they are simply jealous of my Nikon
D70 with 18-70MM lens that's hanging on my neck. Oh but my camera
doesn't really deserve all that attention you know. What if I were a
tourist ? Hmm. Let's not go thre shall we?

Anyway, my friends and I decided to go to a place called Crab Shack at
227, Upper Thomson Road. It serves crab dishes like Crab au Gratin, Crab
Samplers, Crab Baked Rice, 2 pc value meals which consists of 2 flower
crabs that has been caught by the owner that morning. Food is yummy and
cheap too! All in all, it's a nice and good place to eat at. Everyone
who isn't allergic to crabs/seafood should try it! I mentioned this to
my colleague and guess what? Apparently her friend has a share in the
Crab Shack. Talk about a small world.

So here it is again. Crab Shack , 227 Upper Thomson Road. It's not a
shop itself, it's a stall inside a shop with like 2-3 stalls. A muslim
food stall is in the front of the shop and they are beside a dentist and
a fish eatery.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cranial Density

Some people have this amazing cranial density index. As people with even a smattering of physics know, as the density increases, so does the weight. Some people have grey matter that is dense enough to tip the scales with the earth on the other side of the scales.

Dense Brain

The brain become so dense that any external stimuli takes too long to reach the intended lobe of the brain and the subject then becomes distracted or simply ceases to receive the stimuli.

Brain density is amazing indeed. I wish you, kind reader, an incredibly low density. Low enough to be an airhead. Hmmm.

*Post edited- I didn't delete everything cos I thought the pic was kinda cool*

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Buy Shoes. Exchange Shoes.

Well, recently a radio DJ bought a pair of shoes and tried to exchange them after she wore them to a rehearsal. Initially the sales personnel refused, but gave in after she said she would buy a more expensive pair of shoes. She then brought this topic up on air and gave the location of the shop. She said that this is allowed overseas. Another DJ also mentioned that overseas, it is possible to buy 40-50 pieces of clothes before Christmas and bring most of them back after Christmas.

I started a topic in Spug on this and I wonder what responses there will be?

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hmm. Where?

My friend had originally planned a trip to Japan sometime in June. That might change now cos it was originally a trip for 4, but 1 may not be able to make it cos she's getting married and the other is concerned that Japan is expensive.

I figure we need at least $3000 before we can go to Japan and that's excluding any extra expenditure.

My friend then suggested China. Oh I'm way pleased to go to CHina.. but then she said.. if so we need to decide now where to go. Ooops. I have no idea! Where should I go??? There are so many places in China that I want to go to... I can't choose!

Mountains?? Cities??? Urgh. Maybe I shall dream of where to go tonight.

I'm definitely goingto Bali in April though.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Blog.

Yep. I made a new blog, just for my FFXI char!! The new blog is altheya.blogspot.com

Pop on over if you like, but be warned, it is 100% FFXI! No OOC please! Met some dashboard crashing there as well, but at least each post is longer than here! Maybe I'll work on the blog more and see how things get along. Worse to worse I shall do the special delete!

Yep and it's a New Year. Meh. I'm not big on the gregorian new year. Knock on my door when the Lunar Calendar starts to flip ok? Anyway I discovered that I was unable to send messages on my starhub phone.... since 2100hrs plus! I did not realise it till near midnight though. Just found that a message that I thought had been sent was still in my unsent folders.

Watched the fireworks on CNA. Bleah. Doesn't look good on TV. I think TV killed it. They couldn't even be bothered to run an audio feed for the music choreography!! How hard is that? At least stick a mic near a speaker or something if you can't make other arrangements???

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