Sunday, October 31, 2004

It's Harvest Festival in Vana'diel and it's almost over.

I didn't get many things, I just managed to get a Trick Staff the other day and went to Windurst so that i can level my WHM. I can't believe Faerie Apples are constantly out of stock in Windurst! So I gave up trying to trade to the Trick NPCs.

Just found out that Trick Staff II comes with Enchantment: Warp. Oh well, if I manage to get any sweets or fruits later, maybe I will go trick or treating.

Note: I think people have been buying them up so they can sell for profit. I don't blame them cos I probably would have done that.

Oh yes, and I found that it's great to level Clothcraft in WIndurst. At least for low levels :)

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Latest Vana'diel News Flash.

Noblewolf (From my Linkpearl group) Suggested that i go to the Valkurn Dunes to level UP. It was cos I was taking too long. He had computer problems for a couple of days and thought I might have caught up, but I didn't and I was still a comfortable 11 level behind him (He was a Level 22 character at the time)

Anyway, got an invite when I went to La Theine Plateau to try and level...... Ran all the way across La Theine and Valkurn just to meet up with the party.

Now I am level 15 :) muahahah! Though when I tried to go back to San D'Oria.. I got killed by a Goblin Ambusher. Kaoz. How to go home?? :(

Be going to Vana'diel again in a while.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Recently been spending so much time on FFXI. Spending all mornings in Vana'diel. My sleep/wake cycle is just so screwed up!! :)

Caught my first fish a today and I was so happy! (It was a Moat Carp by the way) However recently been losing so many catches.. :(

Synthesised my first meal also (Grilled Hare). Sighz. I am seriously addicted to be adding this to my BLOG :lol:

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