Monday, September 27, 2004

Finally I have installed on my PC what I spent so much money on it for!


Muahahaha! Bought it while I was in Bahrain, at NSA Bahrain, had to get a new PC just for it... hehe! Had a bit of hiccup earlier on trying to install it.. but fortunately it is resolved. However, now it is updating the game, o I can't play just yet, and it looks to be at least another 5 hours *GASP!* before it is done.......

Oh well, I am getting THAT close to the game now. Now for my new obssesion on the net.


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Friday, September 24, 2004

Let's just say I won't be going back to Tioman anytime soon unless I am diving there or something.

Very laid back place.. actually a very good place to tuang.. but over the weekend or something.. not for more than 4 I guess. Our major activity on the island is to walk around, look for food, lounge in the pool, eat at the pool in Berjaya Resort... you get the idea.

You could go trekking too, but my shore leave was spent with those who do not favour trekking. The one person who wanted to go trekking ... went on my duty day :(

Anyway, pretty cheap, I counted an average expense of $14 per day. Port Allowance is $17 so I guess I have $3 extra per day!

Next up, really got to plan my own trips. After all I still have 18 1/2 days worth of leave to clear!

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Leaving for Tioman tomorrow on exercise :) Cool.. never been there before and I heard it's 9 days shore leave!! yippee! Ain't that cool?

Brought RM350 with me cos I think I need it.

Check in with you guys again!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Attended Din's burial today.

We barely made it in time to his home, thank goodness we didn't end up missing him, but we never got a chance to take a last look at him. When we reached his place, they were preparing to move him already. Perhaps it is best that I never saw him then, then he shall always be remembered in his cheerful manners.

I told my batchboys that I felt like sending him a message when I scrolled through my address book and saw his name. We joked about how it would be scary if there was a reply... Stanley said that it'd just be his brother answering for him...... SSG Chua said that'd be ok, imagine if the reply was "I'm lonely, Join me." :lol:

Din, We'll miss your smiles, your encouragement, your help to us during the course (cos we were too out of touch with the real world :lol: ) . I'm not sure what it is that Muslims believe happens after death... but whatever it is, I hope the best for you.


138th CMC
14th Paramedic Lvl 3

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