Friday, March 24, 2017

San Francisco, Anchorage & Fairbanks March 2017 [Day 2] 

Today we will be moving onwards to Seattle, continuing our journey towards to Aurora Borealis!

As the place we stayed at does not provide storage, I decided to check out the baggage storage options at the airport. SFO International Airport provides baggae services at a charge / piece of luggage. But it's either that or you have to go around San Francisco with the luggage... totally not a great idea for me.

So we checked out at noon, and headed towards to the airport on the hotel shuttle. Upon reaching the terminal, I wondered if we could check in 8 hours early. If we could, that would take care of 2 large pieces of luggage... leaving only the cabin luggage to drag around town. There is, of course the option to also check in the cabin sized luggage, but at USD 25 a piece, no. I don't think so.

Anyways, I queued up and asked the Virgin America staff if I could check in early and they said yes!!! Whoo hoo! Home free! I'm starting to love Virgin America! Such a shame that today I received an email that said that Virgin America as a brand will cease to exist by 2019.

Our next destination was Golden Gate Park. I thought I would just take an Uber there, but an Uber there at that time would cost around USD 30... so I decided to scratch that idea. Can't be splurging all the time you know. I don't (yet) own a money printing plant. So I took the BART (DBS blocked my card after this top up!) and transferred to the MUNI Metro (N Judah) to get to Golden Gate Park. The N Judah line travels along the Golden Gate Park about 1 street south, so you can pick which part of the park that you want to go to and drop off the MUNI from there. Take note that not all stops above ground are marked on the map with names. There are some unnamed markings which are still stops. Just listen to the announcements.

We walked for about 2 hours in the park and headed back to the airport. Did I mention that we were given TSA Precheck?? It's cool! So all we have to do to pass security is exactly what we do in Changi Airport :) except we don't even have to remove the laptop. People without TSA Precheck must remove shoes and outer coat. I don't know why I got it but I'm happy for little blessings.

Now on to the flight. Virgin America is cool! They have a cool safety video and their crew is excellent! Even though it's a low cost airline, you get drinks on board! And not just a bottle of water. You can choose juice and sodas too. And not limited to one drink! So sad that the day I take Virgin America for the very first time is when they announce that in 2019, Virgin America will be no more, rebranded to Alaska Airline :(

Virgin America, try it!!

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