Sunday, July 19, 2015

Crafting bug! 

So these days, I've gotten quite a crafty vibe, whenever I am able to overcome my laziness that is. I'm currently dabbling with Crochet, beading and Silver Clay crafting.

Naturally when you do a craft... you need materials don't you? Well, for beading it's easy. Just go to Chinatown and you get lots of beads stores. Silver Clay is not so easy. For PMC, there is only one supplier in Singapore and that is Naoko who runs N'Craft Room (co-located within Beads etc in Orchard Central)

Crochet.. you need yarn and the options for boutique / handmade yarn in Singapore isn't that large. The favourite yarn in Singapore is pretty much acrylic.. so if you want something different, it's really not too easy. Fortunately in this day and age, it's easy to buy stuff online and my favourite online yarn supplier is Eat Sleep Knit. Buying yarn from them is so fun! Yes, I admit that it is so fun that I tend to buy more then I really should but the yarn that they have is so pretty! The prices are comparable (if not better) to other websites, and they have a fun yarn lotto where you get a scratch card that gives you a chance to win prizes of store credit. My favourite part of buying yarn with them is the yarnathon... basically it tracks the amount of yarn you buy in a year and gives you rewards for spending. Now isn't that a good reason to spend more money??

Do pop over to Eat Sleep Knit to take a look at the yarn on offer. There may be some yarn that is not suited for Singaporean weather.. but there are plenty of beautiful options available for everything else you could want to make! And I certainly do hope that the crafting bug hits Singapore in a big way!

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Hey Elfy, when were you back from Japan?
I got back on the 12th!
Great to have you back. I'm sure your trip to Japan must have been an enjoyable and memorable one eh. Awesome!

These days, SPUG is like a dead town man! Hardly anyone posting there, unlike the good old days.

Oh well, the long weekend is upon us. And then, it's probably time for the upcoming GE. Very happening eh.

Ok for now, till you reply again...
Aiyoh... it is so coincidental that I pop by my blog a bit more often these days...

Yeah SPUG nowadays really quiet... I don't even go there once a month anymore. Just hang out on FB and stuff like the whole world....
guess it's also coincidental that I checked your blog to see if there're any updates.. :)

wonder where are all the other Spuggers these days...

GE is coming soon.. can't wait to go for the rallies... do you go for such rallies?
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