Sunday, December 07, 2014

Paris & London 2014 (Day 10) 

After 3 evenings of musicals, we're kinda pooped actually. Weather is cold and all that stuff so it gets sooooooo enticing to just stay in. Today, We'll be going to a really British institution. Harrods.

 Harrods is so instituionalised, it gets it's own direction listing in the tube (or maybe they are just so helpful over here in London).

Harrods is really busy on a weekend near Christmas. We made our way to The Tea Room to have tea at Harrods. Seriously, ifyou like tea, this should be included in your itinerary. This and tea at Fortnum and Mason's.

After Harrods, we went to Penhaligon's! I wanted to get a bottle of Quercus from Penhaligon's and my friend wanted a bottle of Zizonia. I picked the older shop hear Covent Garden, not the one at Covent Garden marketplace to go to. It's really an experience just stepping into the shop.

After that, we popped by the marketplace area. It's like a flea market of sorts. If you like to shop, this is probably a good place. My friend wanted to come by so we dropped by the area.

One of my friends hung around the area while myself and another friend went over to 221B Baker Street. You read that right! We went to look for the most amazing of detectives! You can find a door with a knocker (and a bell for modern day usage). And you can also find a Sherlock Holmes museum there. For fans, you really should drop by. Then again you probably already know this!!

And that's about it for today! Had Mac's for dinner. Heheh. Couldn't resist trying out all the different burgers!

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