Sunday, May 31, 2009


I tried blogging about my trip to Chaozhou but it was rather eventful. The post would disappear and stuff and by the third time, I just plain gave up.

Well, the trip was quite cool. I didn't really go to many pretty places or stuff, but I rather enjoyed it. I stayed at my relative's place and I'm telling you, everything was taken care of. I felt so spoiled. The weather was cool (my parents kept saying it'd be hot). We had tea (chinese tea, in case you were thinking otherwise) EVERYWHERE. In case you don't know, us Teochews are like addicted to tea. Tea flows in our blood.

Except that I have a friend who is the combination of the greatest tea drinkers in the East and the West and she is allergic to Tea. Hmmm.

Never figured that I had so many relatives. It's almost scary, because I am not used to having many relatives. I don't even mix with any relatives here in Singapore.

I kinda skipped out on the DORSCON orange period. I was overseas for the duration of that. When I came back it was Yellow. H1N1 has almost everyone in a mess, but I guess we won't really know if teh current SARS procedures are effective against H1N1. Do we really think that we can keep H1N1 out? H1N1 will happen to us and it already did.

Yesterday I went to the airport and someone mentioned that I should be careful, in case I get H1N1 from the airport. I should think that the greatest chance of getting H1N1 will be from the MRT which is packed like sardines almost the whole day, and not the airport which is relative airy (not a pun).

Work wise, getting pissed. Ask me in person or over MSN if you wanna know. Would love to blog about it but it goes against what I advise people. Maybe it'll work out tomorrow. And I'll stop being pissed.

Getting emo! Anyway I have exams for the next three days and I'm supposd to be studying for it.... but uhm..... I hadn't. lol. Typical.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Sniff Sniff Sniffles.

Wow the week has been rather happening, unfortunately most of it has to do with work so I can't tell you about it or else I have to kill you! Nah, actually what happened at work is exciting for me but probably too boring for you.

Not sure if it's a great time for me to go on overseas leave, since this Mexican / North American / 2009 H1N1 / whatever name they are going to call it flu is now happening and as of now it is DORSCON ORANGE. I get to siam the crazy routine because of the flu but I must emphasise that obviously I didn't anticipate this and plan it! If I could I would sit at home and plan for money to drop into my lap.

Just the other day I was thinking, wow, we're doing real ops now leh (and we're paid less than the 'front line combatants', what the heck). My colleague also had the same sentiment "Feels like we're going to war!". Well, I wouldn't presume to know the feeling of going to war but I kind of agree with what he is saying.

According to news reports, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and digital thermometers have been flying off the shelves and the thermometers were (as of yesterday) out of stock. It's good that people are worried but then some little measures that we can take for ourselves will reduce transmission risks greatly.

1) Wash hands after going to the washroom. WITH SOAP.

2) Stay at home if you are having flu: This is a little hard to do and I am guilty of it as well. Workaholics flout this all the time because they want to keep up their productivity, but in fact they are reducing overall productivity if they infect other people.

My classmate went to class while sick yesterday and I was sitting beside her. I hope I won't get sick before tomorrow man.... I'm flying off in the morning.

3) This one is pretty much impossible to do in Singapore. Wear a mask if you are are having flu. No need for me to explain why it's difficult. People will give you the evil eye.

4) When you need to wear a mask, wear it PROPERLY.

This plurk has some photos of how NOT to wear a mask gathered from newsites.

5) Don't spit on the floor

6) There is no evidence to prove that this current flu can be transmitted through eating pork. Rumour mongering is a terrorist tactic and causes people to pay attention to areas other than the ones they should be concerned with. Like personal hygiene.

Oh and if anyone of you wants to get a flu vaccination, do go ahead but be reminded that a vaccination is no replacement for proper personal hygiene! The flu vaccination doesn't vaccinate you against the current Mexican / North American / 2009 H1N1 flu though.

Wash your hands after visiting the washroom, repeat ad nauseum.

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