Saturday, November 26, 2005

Waiver Updates

Well, all the replies are now in.

Town Council will not waive SC & CC Charges. They will allow delayed payment till end of January. My mum will not be operating the stall until at least february.. so...

NEA will not allow rental waiver. No comment on deferrment of payment, will have to call them to check.

SP Power will not waive the power and water bills, cos these are billed by meter readings, so these items will not be billed anyway.

Sembwaste has waived the charges from 25th October till 25th November. However, we need to request for waiver every month.

Looks like there's a lot more work to be done.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wikipedia - Decompression Illness

Took to working on the Decompression Illness entry in Wikipedia. I have added the sections DCS and AGE. The sections after these (First Aid etc) are not by me. I will be working on this article again when I get the time. In the meantime, just comment on the grammar and phrasing.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Waiver of SC&CC is a no go.

Following my mum's injury, we requested for the MP to help us send letters to NEA, Town Council and SP Power for waiver of rental and charges.

We understand that waiver of rental from NEA is going to be difficult, but we hope that the SC&CC charges as well as the utilities bill (namely the refuse removal charges) may be waived. Kinda got our hopes up when the MP said that he had mentioned to the Town Council and he sounded quite favourable.

Received the notification from Town Council today. The waiver is a NO GO. They are, however, kind enough to defer the payments till the end of January 2006, in view of my mum's medical condition.

My mum will not be able to operate the stall until possibly February. Current SC&CC charges are at $81.50 per month. She is already owing $163. By January, the amount payable will be $407.50.

I wonder if the Town Council will accept clothes as payment.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Latest Hobby

Heheh. Today, I spent the majority of the evening editing entries in Wikipedia. I am editing stuff from Final Fantasy (cos that's about the only thing I know with any amount of certainty... hehehe), especially Final Fantasy XI.

The thing about Wikipedia is that everyone can contribute, but sometimes people get too....... talkative.. or the english is.... could be better....

Hope that what I edited is considered accurate by most everyone else.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

On Leave.

Today. On leave. Go back to work for meeting in afternoon. Brought work home.

Tomorrow. On leave. Going back for Stock Take in the afternoon.

The day after. On leave. Going for Commander Dialogue in the morning.

Thank you for reading.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

A Tale of NSFs, NSMen and Regular Service Personnel (Part I)
This is in 2 parts cos Blogger has a word limit per post....

This may seem frivolous to 99.99% of the people reading this. That is, granted that there ARE indeed people reading this.

I am just fed up with organisations and websites inaccurately listing NSF as Nsmen. Or for that matter, just listing all military personnel as NSMen. Not sure what I am talking about? Well, if you go to some websites which sell stuff eligible for concessions, they will usually have concessions for NSF. However, for some reason, they like to list it as NSMen. Why would NSMen need such concessions? Quite a number of them draw pay in the 5 figure and above area. And most of the Singaporean male population between the age of 18 and 45 (iirc) is in the NSMen category. So gals, better get your hubby to go buy that ticket with his 11B.

If the corporation, organisation does not even bother to put this well known and easily accessible information accurately... what else are they good for?

For those who do not have an insight as to what I am talking about..

NSF = National Service Full Time. This means the guys being enlisted for 2 years in their life. Those who always talk about ORD.

NSMen = National Servicemen. This means the guys who have ALREADY ORD'ed. Holds a full time job. Sometimes this full time job is so well paying, they can claim up to the full amount allowed under the ICT payments (Money which SAF pays to make up for their pay). Used to be called Reservists.

Regular Service Personnel (Regulars) = The poor sad blokes working in the SAF that everyone think is rich. Don't ask me why. Everyone thinks Regulars have endless supply of money.

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A Tale of NSFs, NSMen and Regular Service Personnel (Part II)

I will list some irking examples. However, let me list one good model.

SISTIC used to list NSF as Full Time NSMen. Since an email earlier this year, they have immediately converted the listings to NSF. Some errant listing of Full Time NSMen remain for some programmes, however.

Then, we have the following:

Used to insist that they were accurate. Now they have silently changed over to using Full Time National Servicemen. XD 'nuff said.

Singpass Application
Singpass Online Request > Submit Request. Then you see the line under 'C' :
"For National Servicemen, obtain your NRIC’s Date of Issue from your Unit’s Chief Clerk."
So what about Regulars. Ask who? Hantu? (Ok lah, I'm just being literal)

Ok lah ok lah, I think that's enough ranting for now.

For those of you who always very 'By The Book' one. The NSF/NSMen definition is actually listed in GOM ok. Also, I always wondered, if an NSMen actually went up to claim the concession, would they then allow it? Or spend time explaining that "By Full Time NSMen, we mean those serving Full Time in NS." Come on lah, NSMen where ghot part time or Full time, activate means activate, or else always lull period loh.

Meanwhile, the poor NSF drawing the small allowance every month does not get the concession.

Time to go back to FF ^^

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Internet Interruptions

Well, my internet has been having some connection problems recently. I have yet to pinpoint the problem. Just the other day, I called up Singnet Technical Helpdesk, and after some fiddling, the technician (he sure doesn't sound like he's sure of what's he's saying) told me my modem is fine and I probably need a line check. I asked him what a line check entails, but, apart from telling me that a line check would cost me $20, he was unable to provide further info.

At this point in time, I am unconvinced that a line check will solve my problems. Sometimes it doesn't connect and the modem tells me that my DSL connection is down. Well, that does sound like a line problem.. but what if it's the modem's fault? I don't know, can a line suddenly be spoilt and then ok again? I guess it could, but like I said, that fellow was VERY unconvincing. I will be calling in to Singnet another time and see what answers I get this time.

I'm sure we all know how different answers can pop up all the time and technical need not be the gospel truth all the time.

Also, this morning, there were some street evangelists. I am not sure which religion they are from but I have my suspicions (and no, my suspicions do not include Christianity so don;t think so much). Haven't they heard that Street Evangelism is passe? Anyway, they claimed that they 'have all religions' and I told them :" So you should be happy for me that I am in my religion". These bunch of amateurs. Easy to get rid of.

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