Friday, June 28, 2013


I read an article today. It was great. It spoke about how we shouldn't always be putting off things that we'd like to do. It was great that the topic at hand was about travelling.

You can read the article here: Do yourself a favor and buy that plane ticket already.

I believe my friends should know that I love to travel. One major reason why I chose this job that I am currently in, is that I would really much prefer to be 'out there' than 'in the office'. Alas, life has it's ways and it hasn't been till recently when the wanderlust finally took on a strong enough grip to convince my neural pathways to link in ways that made me change from "Someday in a few years I will go there when..." to "When is the earliest that I can get my butt there?"

I have had a question once. "Wow, you go overseas every year?"

My answer then was "Of course!"

I later thought about it and realised that if I ever hoped to go to all the places that I want to go, travelling once a year is grossly insufficient. Where my previous answers to "Where are you going while on vacation?" will be "Rot at home", it is now "
insert desired country / city"

It is true. We would all like to do something but there is always something stopping us. We are afraid. We fear. We give in. However, once in a while do give yourself that treat you want. Live life! The world is out there to be explored. It is amazing what we can learn from other cultures and people. One of the experiences that I've had overseas, that I love to share with people, is how surprised I was when I saw how the children in Timore Leste were so much happier than ours in Singapore. Those children had so little. In comparison, you could almost say they had nothing. Yet, they had everything. They were happy. They were carefree. Why is this so? This kind of experience gives us all a learning opportunity. We all bring something away that we understand differently and we will not have gotten that opportunity if we just sat all day at home.

Even if you lack funds, start planning now. If you don't plan, you will never have the funds.

If you lack time, plan for it.

If you lack companionship, ask around! Solo travelling isn't really that scary.

We all have but one life and it is up to us to colour it the way we want.

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