Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Week After

And so, it has been one week since I went back to work. Yes, I did not go on leave. It certainly sucks when you have looked forward to something for so long and then it went poof into thin air just because someone said something and maybe didn't even mean it seriously.

If you still can't imagine that... just imagine that you are walking along the streets with temperatures of about 40 degrees and then you think that when you reach the end of the street, you are going to get an ice cream from the ice cream vendor that you see. And so you reach the vendor, buy the ice cream and suddenly someone snatches it away from you and what do you know, that was the very last ice cream the vendor had.

Anyways, I shall now plan to clear all my leave in December because from July to September, I have lessons every night and then till October I have lessons 4 nights a week and then till November I will have lesson twice a week. How to take leave and go overseas like that? So no choice, December it shall be although I don't really want to go overseas in winter.

Hopefully I can get my friend to join me in French classes too, somewhere around September. hehehe, gonna be a really really packed second half of 2011 for me!!

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