Sunday, June 06, 2010

Budget Cut!~!

Urgh. So from this month, my monthly available budget has dropped from miserable to almost non existent. I've paid up for my Semester 1 modules at UniSim. Although I have paid for the fees in one lump sum, I will be breaking it up into monthly 'installments' for ease of accounting in my monthly budget. If not I think I will end up overspending by the end of the year.

Originally I had intended to split it into 6 payments by semester, July to December but I decided that for the first semester I will give myself a 1 one month bonus! So the first payment gets split into 7 installments. Still comes up to about $350 a month.... Sigh.

Hopefully my mum's shop gets settled so I can reduce the monthly allowance I give her. That'll make it a bit easier as well.

I also cancelled two Ace insurance policies (small ones) but ended up buying an accident policy for my mum from AIA. Insurance is really a significant part of my monthly budget :(

If I get to go for the Adv Dip in Nursing in Oct, then I will skip the Jan to June semester at UniSim, thus giving myself a few more months to scrimp up some money.... or else, if worse comes to worse, I will just have to take less modules.

Although it will be tough on the pocket, this will be good (I really hope so). I think it is better to pick up a skillset that is different from what I already have. I have languished long enough. Time to up the pace just a little bit. It seems that some of the most popular questions at my workplace these days include "Are you going to do further studies?" (This is due to the new manpower structure that now allows us to be paid for qualifications higher than Diploma. However, I doubt I will get higher pay because my degree is irrelevant) and "Have you thought about leaving?"

Regardless of whether I am leaving or not, I think it is important to upgrade ourselves!! I've just been way to lazy (and broke) so far.

I am currently fairly upset at NYP PDC's handling of Adv Dip enrolment. They will only offer a place to you 3 weeks before the course starts. Now that's not the worst part. The worst part is that they do not even have a firm date for course start. I understand that the course may not run if there is not enough capacity but at least having a date on which it will start IF there is enough capacity will facilitate planning of schedules right? It's an eight month full time course, how the heck would I be able to plan my leave if I don't even know when it is supposed to start? This is also one of the reasons why I decided to just go ahead and start my degree course. I've had enough of the uncertainty from NYP PDC. I got a life to live. Somewhat.

Also, the person handling enquiries was very insistent on our sending in the MOE subsidy form. I explained that my company would be paying the full fees and it does not make sense for me to apply for the subsidy (especially since the subsidy is in my name and this means that I will not be able to utilise the subsidy for any other courses I should choose to pay for myself) since I will be signing a contract with my company for the full sum.

Grrr. I can't believe that NYP is getting sooooooooo upsetting. I hope it's only the PDC.

Oh well, back to look at important money matters. Expected expenditures would include my degree course, 2B course (yay!) and Hokkaido next July. I think Hokkaido would require a minimum of $3000. For this year, I want to do at least a short weekend trip. Maybe Hong Kong or Macau? :D Must make it cheap cheap.

p.s. Hmm I wonder if I can now call myself an undergrad? :Þ

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