Tuesday, January 12, 2010

End of Holidays

Well, I had a good run in December. Being on leave and everything. Wanted to use the leave period to chiong lessons but then I calculated that it would be too late so I started chiong before the whole long leave period.... So in the end I got a lot of free time during leave.

Having too much time on my hands also means giving me too much time to be emo lol. December was pretty emo. Think of stuff, emo. Listening to music, emo. Spend money LAGI EMO. Went on The Body Shop spree lol. In December alone, my The Body Shop stamp card got filled up. Yep. You read that right.

Now I have enough stuff for the next two years probably lol. I'm currently in love with the Aqua Lily series. I have the 'toilet water' (eau de toilette), the body mist and I even bought 2 Aqua Lily gift sets just for myself. I haven't even bought any new year clothes yet so... um... that more money to spend soon.

I also have an upcoming expenditure at Kinokuniya. I ordered all the available english versions of Trinity Blood from them. Once they come in I will be picking them up. They will cost me about $150 or so I think.

Early Jan, one of my cousins got married and my mum had been asking whether I was going. She obviously wanted me to go so I went. As I sat at teh table, I was wondering how they managed unsure cases cos I figured mine was a "maybe I won't show" case. Well, I soon got the answer. They only planned for my parents. One of us would have to move to another table later because there was another couple who would be at our table.

I decided to make things easy for them and went home instead. Next time my mum goes to some wedding dinner I sure ain't going.... so embarassing.

On another note, I didn't know how outdated I was until I arrived at the wedding dinner and 95% of the women there were dressed in black outfits. Looking at this, I'm kinda glad I'm actually single so I won't have to worry about people turning up in black at my wedding. Then again, the overwhelming number of people in black made me wonder if it was a theme of the night.

My aunt looked for my mum 2 days later and gave her 3 cans of bird's nest and abalone for me hahahah! My mum planned to give 2 each back. I don't really care... just don't drag me to someplace where I am not invited.

Further evidence of me being outdated... Mac's has released their New Year menu and the Prosperity burger is only in beef? Eh.... What about us non beef eaters? Cannot celebrate new year? We are unworthy......... Looks like Mac's is telling me not to eat at their place. I sent in an email to ask them about the non beef options. I wonder when they will get back to me on that? If ever?

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