Monday, December 07, 2009

'Officially' Free.

Finally, I am 'Officially' free. Well, JLPT was yesterday. Not that I really spent all that time studying, oh no. I'm a born slacker and hardly anything's gonna change that. Especially when I don't deal well with learning languages straight from books. ESPECIALLY when there are so many boring rules to remember. It's like Maths all over!!!!

I have a friend who gets livid when I say I can't learn languages by studying the grammar. It just doesn't go into my head.

I took JLPT 3. I think I will be lucky to get 40% for the test. It was indeed that bad. I thought that my single greatest weakness would be the Grammar paper. JLPT (at least for levels 3 & 4) has 3 papers. Vocabulary, Listening Comprehension and Grammar.

When I finally got myself to do a couple past year papers, I realised that Listening Comprehension for level 4 was already quite tough for me. When I tried the Level 3 papers, it was downright depressing. Then I started to realise that I simply do not have the vocabulary for the level 3 paper. Although I could mug, but it was difficult to do so in the week leading up to JLPT since it was quite depressing.

Anyways, now the next thing is to hope I passed my JCS exam. Hopefully I can move on to the next module although the better thing would be to redo my current module. Results outthis Wednesday!!

After JLPT last night, I met up with a friend and we went to Holland V. It was a night of constant eating I tell you. she didn't want Lebanese food so we ended up with Al Dente (which we could have eaten at Esplanade!!!). After that, we went to Haagen Dazs. Following that, we went to this place called Essential Brews (or Essential & Brews, I'm not sure which one is correct). We had 'Dragonwell' tea there. Yup, it's the Chinese Tea, 龙井.

Today, I brought my mum to Paulaner's for lunch. Had Pork Schnitzel and Pork Knuckles. That was severely overkill. We couldn't finish the pork knuckles. Paulaner's doesn't seem to be that nice anyway now. The meal was $68+ after a 15% AMEX discount.

Now the kicker of the day is not the 15%. It is not the pork knuckle that we could not finish. It is.... guess how many Body Shops we passed by??

On the way to Paulaner's, we passed by The Body Shop at Citilink Mall. Then after the meal, we passed by The Body Shop at Marina Square. Then, Citilink's again. I wanted to bring my mum to the L'Occitane at Raffles City (as opposed to the one in Citilink Mall since there were no customers in that one) so we passed by The Body Shop in Raffles City.

After that, I wanted to go to Borders and Kinokuniya because I wanted to buy the Trinity Blood light novel series. Borders does not carry the title, so I went to Kino. Along the way... we were near Ion Orchard's The Body Shop. This one, we did not pass by so I will only count it as a 'near'. We then passed by Wisma's The Body Shop. And of course, The Body Shop in Ngee Ann City.

Kinokuniya carries the English, Chinese and Original Japanese versions of the Trinity Blood Novels. The Japanese novels (12 total) are fully published, but the English novel only has 3 each from "Reborn on the Mars" and "Rage against the Moon", making a total of 6 published and Kino only had 2 novels available. The Chinese version was incomplete too but I will not buy the Chinese version anyway. The only Chinese books I ever read were comics, translated from Japanese lol.

I will want to buy the original Japanese books, but for now, I cannot understand them. Therefore, I would like to get the English version to read. After getting Kino to try and bring in 6 books for me, it's time to go home.

Somewhere near my place...... we passed by... yet ANOTHER The Body Shop.

Total The Body Shop count for the day: 6 unique shops passed by. 1 'near'.

Since we're at it. Total L'Occitane shops count for the day: 3 passed by, 1 'near'.

We're definitely a stinky lot lol.

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