Tuesday, June 23, 2009

British Council Teaching Award

I had been thinking of getting some certification in teaching English for a long time. Right now I'm also contemplating whether I should really take up the B.A. in Translation and Interpretation offered by SIM. My main concern is that my Chinese grades were never that good. I can read and speak but writing sucks.

I wanted to get a CELTA, but I wasn't sure if I could tough it out and the course schedule doesn't fit my schedule. So I wrote in and British Council suggested that I try the Teaching Awards. It's modular so you can just pick whichever modules you like and go for the relevant awards.

I decided to make a chart so that I can see the module spread a little bit more easily.

Since I have already made it, I shall share it with you... if you are so inclined to click on the link.

Silverelf's British Council (Singapore) Teaching Awards Chart

Gonna cost a pretty penny and take up quite some time too!! I currently have Japanese to deal with so I don't think I will take up the Teaching Awards anytime soon.

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