Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, I hadn't been posting recently because I have nothing much pleasant to say anyways. Just the usual daily stuff. Nothing interesting. Add some whining. Ranting. Complaining and the odd gloating and you kinda get the idea.

Life's gotten to be slightly bit more of a juggle but it's great! Doing fun things with fun people. Get the occasional blood pressure popper but it's cool!

Ya see, I like to think of myself as a special and unique individual. I guess you could say I'm a deviant, but it's all semantics really.

Not everyone appreciates that I am special and unique and that's sad.

Ok ok, enough with the self preening.

Anyway I watched Ratatouille on Monday. It was such a nice movie. Remy (the rat) was cutely fuzzy you just wanna squeeze him. Add in a bit of a rags to riches story and things start to look rosy. Especially the ending.. oooh that was nice. If you have yet to watch this movie, scurry down to watch it! I'd say it'd be easily worth the weekend ticket prices!

Catching up to today, I ate sushi at this really cheap sushi joint (Suki Sushi) where they have sushi at $0.99. Food wasn't too bad. Variety was pretty good. I was all happy until it came time to pay the bill. I walked to the cashier, handed the cashier (who is a captain by the way) my bill following which another captain sticks another bill at him and tells him : "This belongs to the lady in green standing behind"

What does he do next? Huh? he processes THAT bill first! I was almost livid! That's like the thing I hate the most. Queue cutters! Wait your turn!

What can I say? My expenditure was a measly $33.40 for two people and the 'lady in green' spent $97.55 for four people. I guess we low spenders simply have to make way for em high spenders!

Maybe they have a VIP club thinggy that grants priority during bill payments. I want one of those!

The worst thing is that I just tried to send in a feedback to them... on their beautifully designed feedback page (I have mostly good stuff to say anyway except for the bill....) and ... the feedback page doesn't submit the feedback ... What can I say.... Spend more or be jumped on queues!~

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