Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eggs Benedict at Choupinette

Been hearing a fair bit about Choupinette and had been wanting to come down here for a meal but since it's kinda inconvenient to get to (anywhere not accessible via MRT is considered inconvenient to me), it took me a while before I got down here.

First things first. try not to come down during lunchtime on Saturday. very bad idea. It's a cosy place and you might not be able to find a seat! I went to walk around Coronation Plaza (found a popiah shop that was not bad too) before I came back and  the table outside cleared up so I took a seat there. Therefore my first impression of the place was a little negative as it was.

However, the service was pretty ok. Ordered Eggs Benedict (come on that dish had been on my mind since forever) and chose orange juice since they said the orange juice was quite premium. The Eggs Benedict set comes with the eggs (and dressing and stuff), a tea / coffee and a juice.

Honestly, I haven;t had many other Eggs benedict so I'm not a very good judge of the quality across Singapore, but I do think this Eggs Benedict is something that I would return for. The Orange Juice was certainly very flavourful and nice. Not at all bitter (I hate fresh squeezed orange juices because many times they turn out bitter).

The only gripe I have about this place is... it's business is too good! Lol ok I take that back, I wish them good business so that they will stay open and I can have more good food!

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