Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Bunch of Happiness, a Tinge of Sadness.

A happy day it is today, quite a few people I would like to thank and all but they won't even see me ever again. Unless I pull a stunt or something. That's also why I feel sad.

I guess that's why memories are beautiful, because they are memories.

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Friday, February 05, 2010

First in queue, Second at finish line.

I had been planning to start a part time degree by July this year. I had decided that nothing could ever possibly change my mind about this and along comes an offer for me to take an Advanced Diploma.

After various considerations, I decided on a specialty. The only thing left was the question of whether the course has an April intake. After checking with NYP, the answer I received was that they cannot be sure that there was an April intake. This is in part due to the fact that the course will only commence if there is sufficient demand.

Somehow, someone at my workplace received information that my course will only start in October. I said I did not mind letting someone go ahead of me in April, since there is no April course for me.

However, yesterday, I found out that there is indeed an April intake for the course I wanted. The course will only commence once they have received sufficient applicants, so it is technically still not a confirmed course. However this will also hold true for all advanced diploma course, including the one my colleague my colleague is now going for in April. It is unlikely her course will not commence since there is a demand for that specialty.

So now, I am now bounced to the October intake because somewhere, somehow, someone said that there is no course for me in April. NYP did not even say that there will be no course. They have only said that they can only confirm commencement after 28th of February when registration closes.

I feel upset now because someone decided that there is no course for me in April and asked someone else to go in April. Now, they have committed to that someone else going and so I have to go in October. This pushes all my plans back by a year. All because someone said there was no April course.

They don't even seem to think that I might be upset at all. Explaining to me the need to stagger people going for a full time course is all well and good. I understand that very well. However, I think the problem to address now is... why is someone else promised the April course when mine wasn't a confirmed no go?

It's times like this when one needs someone to whine at. Unfortunately, I can only whine on the blog.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Silverelf Kindness Day

Today was kinda weird. I found out that the Advanced Diploma course I wanted to go for does have an April intake but I probably can't go for it anyway cos they asked someone else to take my slot already.

Then when going out for a walk in the evening, I came across 2 people who needed help and I did. I wonder why. Hmmmm.

First, it was a lady trying to go down a bridge. She was trying to lug a stroller with her down and looked like she had great difficulty doing so. I offered to help her carry it down and she said that she was sick. I noticed that the husband was carrying the child.

Next, I came across this old man, who seemed blind or severely vision impaired, standing on the other side of this street I was going to cross. I was not sure if he needed help, but I decided to ask him if he wanted to cross the road. He did. So I helped him cross the road.

This second deed made me chuckle a bit... cos of the cliche line. Let's go do a good deed, help an old person cross the road. I don't know about you, but I find it weird that I came across two people to help in the same evening.

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